Ron Rivera returned to practice Friday

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Ron Rivera returned to practice Friday.

The Washington coach, who is undergoing cancer treatment for squamous cell carcinoma, missed Wednesday’s practice. He left Thursday’s practice near the end, but before it was over, because of the effects of chemotherapy.

He will coach Sunday, likely getting an IV either before the game or at halftime.

“The last few days have been a bear,” Rivera said, via John Keim of ESPN, “so I slowed it down and tried to take care of myself and pay attention to what my body is telling me, which I have to do. You can’t get ahead of yourself. I probably shouldn’t have been out there Thursday. It did really sneak up on me and whack me pretty good.”

Rivera said he “feels fine.”

Defensive coordinator Jack Del Rio has taken over Rivera’s head coaching duties when Rivera has missed practices or team meetings.

5 responses to “Ron Rivera returned to practice Friday

  1. Definitely one coach that isn’t going to pull down his mask. Considering his condition he should dump the paper mask (unless he’s changing it every time he touches it) and getting properly fitted N95 or N100

  2. That’s a dedicated hard working man. I wish him the very best for a swift and complete remission.

  3. Kudos to this man. As one who went thru two chemo treatments in six years and only missed a few days of work, God love ya. Here’s to your health and kudos to your family who I know is struggling along with you. Prayers for Ron.

  4. Went through chemo myself for breast cancer. Radiation too. The effects of chemo usually hit me on the third day after each treatment and lasted for several days. Kept working though. Wasn’t easy. And I don’t have a physical job like Ron. So, hats off to him. That’s dedication. But keep that mask on man! Lost a cousin to Covid and it was the high risk vulnerabilities that did her in. So please Ron, take every precaution. BEAR down!

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