NFL fines Raiders $50,000 for violating COVID-19 locker room access rules

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For the second time this season, the NFL has fined the Raiders for a violation of COVID-19 rules.

The Raiders were fined $50,000 for having an unauthorized employee in the locker room after their win over the Saints, Ian Rapoport of NFL Network reports.

In an attempt to limit exposure to the coronavirus, NFL teams may have no more than 40 employees enter the locker room, and those employees must be limited to coaches, medical staff, equipment staff, the G.M., one security personnel and one media relations personnel, plus up to three ownership representatives. The NFL found that an employee who doesn’t fit into those categories was in the Raiders’ locker room after the win over the Saints.

That the fine is only $50,000 suggests that the league believes this was an innocent mistake and not an intentional violation. Still, NFL teams need to know the rules and strictly adhere to them.

The Raiders were already fined, as was head coach Jon Gruden individually, for violations of the rules requiring coaches to wear masks. Raiders quarterback Derek Carr and several teammates were also seen at an indoor event without masks on.

23 responses to “NFL fines Raiders $50,000 for violating COVID-19 locker room access rules

  1. “Raiders quarterback Derek Carr and several teammates were also seen at an indoor event without masks on.”

    And Pats Cam Newton tests positive for covid-19 so we’ll see what happens in a week or so from that stunt.

  2. $50K for a player would piss them off, but they’d just pay it and move on. But $50k for a $3 billion franchise? They won’t even notice. This is more of a high-five than a slap on the wrist. If it sends a message, it is not the one that is needed.

  3. Fine these teams exponentially. Be adults and set the example. Too many Americans don’t give two thoughts and prayers about others.

  4. 40 people already crammed in there with the players? And, one more slipped through? Who cares?

    Why does the owner need 3 representatives? The rule seems a bit arbitrary.

    Many of these 40 could easily wait until they leave the locker room and reduce the risk to everyone.

  5. Such an outrageously reckless incident – it could have put the entire NFL at risk! This is BIG news! BIG!! A public caning to the bottom of Gruden’s feet should be expected soon as well as the order for Davis to sell the team and the immediate demolition of Allegiance Stadium.
    An unnamed source claims this is the reason Trump has come down with Covid-19 and Homeland Security is now heading the investigation. Hold on folks, this is going to get interesting – VERY interesting!

  6. whymelord says:
    October 3, 2020 at 3:45 pm
    “Raiders quarterback Derek Carr and several teammates were also seen at an indoor event without masks on.”
    Now tell us all how many Titan player/caches have already tested positive.

  7. Just noticed during the Alabama college game. Everyone has masks on. Coaches cheerleaders etc , yet after a long td pass, the Qb and receiver were face mask close going yeaaaaah! How is that allowed?

  8. What about the fact that the Raiders don’t have a QB? Is this just a distraction from that obvious and brutal truth?

  9. The owners should have a deal with Goodell. If we play 16 games, your salary gets doubled. If we lose the season to recklessness, you forfeit your salary.

  10. 50k huh? Wow! Way to send a strong message, especially with what’s going on in the league right now.

  11. The NFL has been against the Raiders since Al took over, they need to sue the league.

    The raiders already have sued the league and won $1. That's the last the last time they won anything.

  12. All these fines are being off set by what AB had to pay the raiders last year anyway.

    You do realize it “cost” AB 6 figure cash to be in camp with all his crap. Never made the roster so never GOT paid.

    So it’s still a wash

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