Vikings still have no positive COVID-19 tests

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The NFL had its first COVID-19 outbreak this week when the Tennessee Titans were hit hard by the virus, but the league appears to have dodged a bullet with no in-game transmissions.

The Vikings, who played the Titans on Sunday, have still had zero positive COVID-19 tests, according to multiple reports.

Because they’ve managed to stay healthy, the Vikings are traveling to Houston today and will play the Texans tomorrow.

Whether the NFL can play an entire season without any team-to-team transmission of the virus remains to be seen, but the indications right now are a relief to the league. With multiple players who played against the Vikings testing positive, it’s reassuring that no Vikings have tested positive.

9 responses to “Vikings still have no positive COVID-19 tests

  1. As a Packers fan, I commend the Vikings for the way they have responded to this issue. They are going to be one of the reasons why we can continue to have football this year and I hope all other teams follow their game plan. At least off the field.

  2. Vikings have has no positive nothing this season. This “no positive COVID-19 tests” may be the highlight of the season so far for the team.

  3. I’m shocked no Vikes have gotten it. Apparently even more Titans just tested positive so a good part of the team is sick now and the Vikes still have time for some of them to show the symptoms.

  4. It can take 10+ days to test positive. It’s only been a week.

    Do people actually read and comprehend?

  5. But it’s only a matter of time until there are transmissions between teams unless the NFL goes into a bubble like the NBA and NHL.

  6. I think teams like the Vikings should be rewarded for taking it seriously. Give them a few extra roster spots or something. And any opponent with four or more positive tests has to forfeit the game. Why should the team playing it safely be affected by a team that isn’t?

  7. If ever there was evidence that the NFL is a team game, covid has proven it. Teams are only as strong as their weakest link – including opposing teams. The Titans knew they had a covid issue before the Vikes game, brought individuals that had contact with those infected, and screwed up not only their team, but the Vikings’ week of practice. That’s what steams me. My teams’ record stinks, and likely will at seasons’ end, whenever that is, but I’m proud of the organization and the team’s future.

  8. I honestly hope, despite despisibg the Vikings, they stay testing negative.

    What needs to be said however, is that it can take up to 14 days to test positive after exposure, while still being able to spread Covid.

    Every place other than the NFL quarantine is 14 days to be safe. I truly hope that after the game tomorrow Vikings start popping positive, because then you’ve got Texans affected, and so on and so forth.

    We also know that Cam just popped positive, and they are oy delaying the game for 2 days at this point. I really think the NFL is setting up for a super spreader event. I hope I am wrong.

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