Bills now turn attention to Titans, wondering if they will play Week Five

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As soon as the Bills finished off the Raiders, Sean McDermott’s attention turned to Week Five.

The Bills are scheduled to play the Titans in Nashville next Sunday. The Titans, of course, didn’t play Sunday because of a coronavirus outbreak.

The Titans cannot reopen their facility until at least Wednesday, because NFL protocols require two consecutive days without a positive test before reopening. The Titans had two more positive tests within the organization Sunday.

It raises a question about the Titans’ Week Five game against the Bills.

I’m concerned,” McDermott said Sunday night, via Jason Wolf of the Buffalo News. “When people are sick, we’re concerned, whether it’s a competitor or not, so we hope that everyone is doing OK on their end, or improving.”

The team’s operations staff has monitored the situation, McDermott said, but the Bills put it out of their minds Sunday.

“It was a mental challenge for our team,” McDermott said. “We were being asked about it the back third of our week last week, and the guys, they know who’s next on the schedule. To then come out here and focus like they did, I thought showed a lot.”

4 responses to “Bills now turn attention to Titans, wondering if they will play Week Five

  1. Health first. Hope everyone is ok. So game on- hopefully. Bills win and we got the usual trolls …. but but but. Just wanna get ahead of this. Touchback??? Steve? You’re not even bothering posting?

  2. This will be really interesting because the Titan’s bye week was this week so they don’t have any free time unless the game is made up after week 17.

    If they do play, home field advantage is in play because last year Bills fans took over Nashville when the two teams met. With the Bills at 4-0, the same would happen again for sure…but no fans in the stands ends that.

  3. Hope the Titans organization is ok and the game can go on as scheduled. From the football end, I hope the bills can find a way to play inspired ball in the third quarter. They are just too flat there and it’s going to cost a W at some point if they don’t fix it. I’d also like to see the D dial up some pressure in these 2:00 situations instead of just letting teams drive against the prevent and let their fate rest in the “hands” of their hands team – either way they grit it out and they’re 4-0, good start the the season

  4. Bills fans, you are going to crush us. No practice, too many good players on defense are out. It’s not going to be pretty. But if it’s safe, they need to get this game in however.

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