Can Ravens bounce back after losing to Chiefs?

Getty Images

Last year, the Ravens lost to the Chiefs in Week Three. The next weekend, the Browns surprised Baltimore, in Baltimore.

This year, the Ravens once again lost to the Chiefs in Week Three. This time, can they avoid a letdown against a team Baltimore should beat?

While not playing at home, they’ve made a short trip to Baltimore for a once-every-four-years meeting with Washington. The oddsmakers have installed Baltimore as a 13-point favorite. And if the Ravens recover from what happened on Monday night, they should sail over the number. If they don’t, they won’t.

There’s a real concern there. Baltimore quarterback Lamar Jackson surprisingly called Kansas City the Ravens’ Kryptonite. Given that Superman can’t, won’t, and never will beat Kryptonite, it’s hard not to wonder whether, at some level, the Ravens believe that, no matter what they do against any other team, an eventual date with Kryptonite awaits in January.

For now, can they shake off what happened against the Chiefs, unlike what the 2019 Ravens did? We’ll find out soon.