Colts’ defense shuts down Nick Foles and the Bears

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The Colts’ defense is legit, and the Bears are 0-1 with Nick Foles as their starting quarterback.

In a low-scoring and often dull 19-11 Colts win this afternoon in Chicago, the Indianapolis defense shut down Foles, who was making his first start for the Bears after replacing Mitchell Trubisky last week. The Bears didn’t score a touchdown until after the two-minute warning in the fourth quarter, and they fell to 3-1 with the loss.

The Indianapolis defense has been excellent all season, and Foles was the latest quarterback they held in check. They also kept the Bears’ running game from doing much of anything, as the Bears finished with just 28 yards on the ground. Bears punter Pat O'Donnell punted seven times.

The Colts’ offense was far from great and only found the end zone once, but quarterback Philip Rivers and running back Johnathan Taylor made just enough plays to sustain some long drives, and Rodrigo Blankenship went 4-for-4 on short field goals.

If the Colts’ defense can keep playing like this all season, they won’t need their offense to be great. This looks like a defense the Colts can ride to the playoffs.

33 responses to “Colts’ defense shuts down Nick Foles and the Bears

  1. They should have started Trubisky instead of making him the scapegoat. Now who’s the scapegoat?

  2. While no one was looking, Ballard built an elite defense. They fly to the ball and might be the fastest defense in the league. If Rivers can score some points, Indy will be the surprise of the season.

  3. I bet you Rivers is glad to be out of that lowlife organization called the La Chargers.

  4. Foles is clearly better than Trubisky but the Bears have other problems as well. The Colts dominated their offensive line. They couldn’t run the ball and it’s really looking like their WRs can’t catch the ball.

  5. Aside from Frank Reich, the only other coach nowadays who could make Nick Foles look great is Bill Belichick. Needless to say, he needs more talented receivers. He doesn’t fit in with the Jaguars and Bears.

  6. Told y’all! Nick Foles is only good when it’s understood that he’s the backup. Give him the starter’s job and he falls apart. Nagy was a fool for playing this out the way he did. He undermined Trubisky’s confidence by benching him, and then puts Foles to start against the coach who knows his strengths-and his weaknesses. What an idiot!

  7. Trubisky stinks up against the Falcons and gets replaced. Foles stinks up the field against the Colts and is still in the game What gives?

  8. That’s a solid Colts defense. They may not win the Super Bowl but they are going to give teams headaches along the way.

  9. The Colts Offensive line was dominant and pretty much controlled the line of scrimmage. If you liked offence this wasnt the game for you. But if you like defense it was pretty entertaining . Both teams had good defenses. The Colts Oline was the difference in this game

  10. I bet the Niners wish they had DeForest Buckner now. That man is a one man wrecking crew. Lesson to the guys in analytics – if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

  11. My guess is, Trubisky can’t wait to get out of Chicago……Nagy sold him out and the press is brutal. The Bears just aren’t that good….they could have most other QB’s in NFL and they won’t win with the talent they have.

  12. Hate to say it, but the Bears are 3-0 with Trubisky as the starter and 0-1 with Foles. With the way they played today, I just dont see the Bears winning next week against TB.

  13. Bears should be 1-3 but got lucky that they beat two of the worst choking teams in the NFL (Lions & Falcons). When all is said and done, the Bears will finish 6-10 at best this year. Their offense is horrible.

  14. This was a battle of top 5 defenses, and Colts might be 1 while Bears are closer to 5. When you hold a team to 19 points at home, you should expect to win.

    Colts D may be this years’ 49rs.

  15. It’s a shame that Grigson’s ineptitude led to Luck’s retirement. With that O-line, that defense, and a healthy Luck, Colts could have been something special.

  16. Imagine if Luck stuck around to play with this team. It might be the most complete team from Indy in awhile.

    The Bears on the other hand can only beat garbage teams. They’re merely the top of the pile.

  17. jimmygeewhiz says:
    How did the Bears ever win those three games?

    By coming from behind in the fourth quarter to edge the Jets and Giants — two of the NFL’s very worst teams — and holding on against the Lions because a rookie dropped a game-winning touchdown pass in the end zone.

  18. Nick Foles nearly retired in the 2017 preseason due to an elbow injury, but decided to keep playing. He goes to Philly, takes over in 2017 and has one of the most memorable Super Bowl runs in history, making him a legend in that city. Trying to catch lighting in a bottle, Jacksonville gets totally fooled and hands him $80m+. He then gets traded to Chicago to replace their failed QB experiment. Even if he’s terrible, he still gets paid that ridiculous salary. Dude is playing with house money. When this deal is over, he can retire as a living legend to Eagles fans, with a Super Bowl ring, a Super Bowl MVP and a crazy amount of money. All of this came in the last 4 seasons. Luckiest dude alive.

  19. When are people ever going to learn?

    There is a huge difference between Emergency Starter Nick Foles and Permanent Starter Nick Foles.

    There’s a reason he was basically out of the league a few years ago.

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