Dak Prescott’s 974 passing yards over two games is NFL record

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Dak Prescott set an NFL record. He would rather have had a win.

Prescott’s 502 passing yards Sunday gives him 974 over the past two games. That’s the most over a two-game span in NFL history.

The Cowboys, though, were thrown for a loss, failing to beat the Seahawks last week or the Browns on Sunday. They now are 1-3, with their only victory a comeback gift against the Falcons.

Not at all,” said Prescott, when asked if the passing record mattered to him, via Todd Archer of ESPN. “I’d give all those yards back for a different record. I care about one stat and that’s to win so when we don’t do that no other stats matter.”

Prescott has thrown for 266 yards, 450 yards, 472 yards and 502 yards in the Cowboys’ four games.

Prescott is the first quarterback in NFL history to have three consecutive games of 450 or more yards, and his 1,424 passing yards are the most ever over a three-game span.

“Dak is exactly what you’re looking for,” Cowboys coach Mike McCarthy said. “He’s wired the right way. His ability to keep playing through adversity, he never blinks. But obviously, the turnovers you take a look at them – why they happened, how they happened. It’s like anything in this game: The negatives are usually not just one thing or one person. So, we’ll take a look at that. But I thought Dak stood tall and led us back to giving us a chance to be in the game there at the end.”

Prescott had a fumble on a strip-sack by Myles Garrett and threw an interception late when the game was all but over. He finished 41-of-58 for 502 yards with four touchdowns and the interception, a passer rating of 112.9.

26 responses to “Dak Prescott’s 974 passing yards over two games is NFL record

  1. So this basically just says when Dak is our #1 guy and is throwing all game, he won’t get us a win. 0-3 with 450, 470, and 500 yds, something is wrong.

  2. Losing to Seattle at Seattle is one thing. Losing to Cleveland in Dallas is another.

    Dak does seem to pile up statistics after other teams get the big lead.

    Then it becomes a ‘close but no cigar thing’ except of course to the mighty floppers Atlanta.

  3. Yeah half of those passing yards are meaningless garbage time stats, when the Cowboys are down double digits and he has to throw 50 to 60 times a game.

  4. Funny how these other people commenting seem to think Dak plays DT, LB and DB as well. Last I checked he wasn’t the one spotting teams a total of 126 points the last 3 weeks. I mean the Browns had 307 yards rushing today without Chubb most of the game, I don’t think that’s his problem…

    Bottom line, Dak has played extremely well.

  5. That team isn’t clicking. But hey, pay Dak $45 million a year instead of upgrading your defense. That’s the ticket.

  6. Let’s be honest – there is zero reason why Dallas should have been 3.5 favorites. They are great at one thing, and one thing only, feasting on soft coverages late in games to pile up stats. Their defense is slow as can be, takes terrible angles, and can’t tackle…and one of the biggest offenders, Jaylon Smith makes way too much money to play like that. They also aren’t able to consistently run. Just a bad team.

  7. I’d rather he throw for 275-300 yards and no turnovers for the whole game and the defense give up 350 in 4 qtrs instead of 2

  8. What it makes this so funny is Dak will demand even more money while the Boys keep losing.

  9. “That team isn’t clicking. But hey, pay Dak $45 million a year instead of upgrading your defense. That’s the ticket.”

    Dak and his receivers are the only reason Dallas stayed in this game.

    Maybe Demarcus Lawrence can give back some of his money.


    In 2019… Andy Dalton with no A.J. Green, no tight end, a TERRIBLE offensive line, and no pathetic #3 wr John Ross totaled 37 yards per game less than dak prescott and his load of offensive weapons and top o-line

    2019 dak prescott = 306.4 yards per game

    2019 Andy Dalton = 268.8 yards per game

    Dalton would probably have 3 wins and 1300 yards.

  11. And the defense gives up a little more.
    Most rushing yards allowed in team history today to this Browns bunch.
    Think of all the great running teams the Cowboys have faced over the decades.
    The Browns are not one of those.
    McCarthy’s D made the Browns and Mayfield look like a champion.

  12. And when you give him a big contract he will have even less help. This is vintage Mike McCarthy; lip service to the running game. No way they should be throwing it that much.

  13. If Dak is so great why are they seemingly always losing by a lot. This team is once miracle comeback away from 0-4. Check Dak’s stats against winning teams; not good and if you want elite money you have to win.

  14. Garbage time stats. When the game is still in doubt, Prescott is below average. Once the Cowboys are in a deep hole and the opponents’ defense starts playing soft, Prescott feeds off the wide open short passes. That’s great for his stats, but not so great for the team.

    Prescott is a good, but not close to top 10 QB. Jerry will find that out the hard way.

  15. It seems Dak is doing all he can do to earn HIS money. He can’t earn everyone else’s money, too.

  16. There is very doubt about it: Dak is the garbage time stat KING. no one pads their stats in the 4th quarter while trailing far behind better.

    There is also zero doubt: If Andy Dalton was the starter Dallas would be 3-1 right now instead of 1-3.

    But that doesn’t fit the narrative so congrats on padding your stats as your team keeps losing, Dak.

  17. Shortly before being fired in GB Mike McCarthy made the comment about the complacency of the Packers, including himself. Nothing ever changed that season. The game plan for each game was the same. His success was his coaching ability, it was the ability of Aaron Rodgers and the playmakers on offense. His defenses almost always ranked in the bottom half of the league and the special teams were often bottom quarter of the league. Judging by the play of the Dallas D and S.T. nothing has changed.

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