Eagles hang on to beat 49ers 25-20

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The Eagles took control of the NFC East, with perhaps an iron grip on the top spot in the division — with their first win of the year.

In a game as ugly as your neighbor’s Halloween decorations, the skeleton of the Eagles beat the ghost of the 49ers 25-20.

That moved the resurgent Eagles to 1-2-1.

Quarterback Carson Wentz hit wide receiver Travis Fulgham for a 42-yard touchdown in the fourth quarter, and linebacker Alex Singleton followed on the next play from scrimmage by picking off 49ers quarterback Nick Mullens and returning it for an interception.

Fulgham was just promoted from the practice squad Saturday to fill in the blanks on an injury depleted roster, and Singleton had played 11 snaps of professional defense prior to Sunday’s game.

Such was the night in a game full of replacements, and replacements for the replacements on both sides of the ball.

Wentz actually played relatively well, considering what he was surrounded with (the Eagles had one healthy receiver in practice this week). He finished with 193 yards with a touchdown and an interception, and ran for a touchdown early.

Mullens was pulled for C.J. Beathard late in the game, which should end the ill-advised speculation that he might replace the injured Jimmy Garoppolo. The 49ers (2-2) were just as strapped by injuries, but tight end George Kittle returned to catch 15 passes for 183 yards and a touchdown, and rookie wideout Brandon Aiyuk had a 38-yard hurdle-and-run touchdown, but there were few other moments of competence.

Beathard took a shot at the end zone on the final play, but the ball flicked off a number of hands before falling incomplete.

24 responses to “Eagles hang on to beat 49ers 25-20

  1. If Kittle didn’t put his hand on the ball during the hail mary his team mate might of come down with that TD.

  2. If they can scrape together a few more wins, 8, 9 at the most should do it, they will win that division.

  3. That was great to watch the winless Eagles get their first W with Carson and a bunch of practice squad players on offense.

    49ers, this is the easy part of your schedule in your .500. Good luck after week 5. Blow it all up

  4. If your boyfriend

    -has 0 playoff wins
    -has 57 fumbles
    -is 7-22vs teams over 500
    -has no heart and no desire to win
    -has started 5-6 in 3 of his first 4 seasons
    -has the IQ of a potato
    -has less playoff passing TD’s than Derrick Henry

    Then you’re dating Carson Wentz

  5. This one’s on Mullens. Both picks were absolutely awful especially the second one. The people who have been saying Mullens is better than garoppolo need their heads examined.

  6. Can’t blame the receivers when Beathard came in and marched the offense down the field with ease for two drives.

  7. CJ Beathard took advantage of a soft zone at the end of the game when the birds were up 11. Eagles defense showed up and did a solid job. Wentz played his best game of the year even if it wasn’t pretty. He definitely showed some life and elevated a decimated wide receiver group. For all the hate he has received, this is the reason he is the quarterback and I’m happy he won the game for us.

  8. Beathard is Foles gold. The Eagles ROASTED the 9ers with Beathard as the started last time. Beathard came in late, was not prepped for, Schwartz went to a prevent D to chew clock giving up yards for time. Also know as “Daking the numbers”. Garbage time yards.

  9. Shanahan should have ordered Mullen’s to clean out his locker after the game. That throw could cost the 49er’s a play-off spot.

  10. Wow didn’t see this one coming at all. 49ers defense played their hearts out but Mullens was bad. Kittle and McKinnon were getting momentum why go away from them? Wentz actually looked ok but that pick was ugly. I predicted the Eagles would win the NFC East out of the sheer horrid natured of that division looks like I may not be crazy.

  11. Wentz is back, baby! Only got outplayed by a third stringer who threw for almost as many yards in 4 minutes as the $100 million+ 2nd overall pick did the whole game. And I’m an Eagles fan.

  12. The only reason Beathard could move the ball so easily was cause Eagles were in prevent zone defense. Also known as bend-don’t-break. He did well, not trying to take anything away, but circumstances matter.

  13. Id prefer the eagles lose. The quicker Howie is gone the better. Im also not against Doug going as well, or atleast bringing in. A real offensive coordinator as it has become clear at this pount Frank Riech was the real brains of the eagles offense during the superbowl year.

  14. Two teams decimated by injuries, the Eagles more so however. We shouldn’t be shocked that it was a sloppy game. How could it have been anything different?

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