First quarter of 2020 season sets a record for big comebacks

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Scoring is up in 2020, and that means leads that used to be safe aren’t. Each week this year, a lead of 16 or more points ultimately was squandered.

That’s the first time that ever has happened in league history.

The Bucs pulled off the feat today, coming from 17 down to defeat the Chargers, 38-31.

The Saints, who are a game behind the Bucs in the NFC South despite beating them to start the season, also came back from 14 points down to beat the Lions. So far this season, six teams have come back from 14 or more points behind to win. That happened in 2018 through four weeks. In 1979, eight teams came from 14 or more behind to win through four weeks. In 2011, nine teams did it.