Joe Burrow got game ball, but it’s not heading for a trophy case

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Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow capped his third straight 300-yard passing game with his first NFL win. It got Burrow the game ball.

So where will it go? Trophy case? Mantle? Safe deposit box?

“It was a really good football, so I just threw it right back in with the other game balls so we don’t lose it,” Burrow told PFT by phone after the 33-25 win over Jacksonville.

“[W]e’re gonna use it for the game next week,” Burrow added. “You only get so may. You’ve got to keep them when you can.”

So there goes the game ball. If/when the Bengals give him another one, they should be sure to choose one of the not-so-good footballs from the bag of balls the offense uses.

14 responses to “Joe Burrow got game ball, but it’s not heading for a trophy case

  1. Joe Mixon should get the game ball.

    151 rushing yards
    2 rushing touchdowns
    30 receiving yards
    1 receiving touchdown

    … but…

    … 300 yards – 1 touchdown – 1 interception is…. uhh… o.k.?!?

  2. @doctorrustbelt, Zac Taylor was handing out game balls to everyone. Mixon got one, defense got one ,Oline got one, so quit being so anti-Burrow.

  3. Burrow performed much better than his stats. He should’ve had 3 TD’s but one was erased by a stupid Holding call and his 2nd TD was erased because TE Sample coughed up the ball in the end zone.

  4. Yeah his first win I understand. But the offense line should get it. They blocked for him and Mixon.

  5. Quit hyping up Burrow so much.

    WITHOUT A.J. Green, without a tight end, without crappy John Ross,
    without Tee Higgins, and without O-Line…
    … Andy Dalton totaled 4.9 yards less than Burrow.

    REMEMBER: It’s ALL Andy Dalton’s fault

  6. I’d trade Matt Ryan and Julio straight up for Burrow right now. He’s got a bright future.

  7. Wow big baller beat the team that doesn’t have a #1 pick at qb and traded away their entire franchise …good job buddy!

  8. Regardless of Burrow’s play on the field, decisions like this are going to make Mike Brown very happy that Burrow plays for the Bengals.

  9. It’s fun to see the young man grow and improve as a player. And it’s good for a competitor like the Bengals who have had their share of struggles.


  10. Good win kiddo…..both on and off the field. Shows he appreciates the shine but doesnt need it to feel validated.

  11. Burrow is going to be the NEXT GEN franchise QB in the NFL like Mahomes and Jackson. After all those years with the Mannings, Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers & Drew Brees, I’m ready for some new QB stars.

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