Lamar Jackson sets career high with 50-yard TD run, Ravens up 14-0

Getty Images

Washington helped set up the first Ravens touchdown with a fumble and they gave Baltimore another short field to help dig a deeper hole for themselves in the second quarter.

Dustin Hopkins missed a 54-yard field goal and the Ravens were able to use that field position for a quick touchdown drive. Mark Ingram ran twice to get the ball to midfield and Lamar Jackson handled the rest.

Jackson faked a handoff, kept the ball and ran through a Landon Collins tackle attempt for a 50-yard touchdown. It’s the longest run of Jackson’s career and it has the Ravens up 14-0 with just under 10 minutes to play in the first half.

Washington’s defense has done well when not given short fields to work with, so the offense has to start doing more to ensure they don’t have their backs against the wall.