Lamar Jackson heard from John Harbaugh after premature celebration

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Ravens head coach John Harbaugh puts together videos for his team about things they shouldn’t do on the field on a weekly basis and quarterback Lamar Jackson almost wound up on one this week.

Jackson was nearing the end zone on a 50-yard touchdown run when moved into celebration mode by raising the ball in the air with one hand. A Washington defender got close enough to force Jackson to bring the ball back in a little bit as he crossed the goal line.

After the game, Jackson said he heard from Harbaugh about his near-Leon Lett moment after the game.

“He definitely did. We watch ‘Plays of the Week.’ 9 times out of 10 it’s plays that you should not do, and I was almost on one of those plays,” Jackson said, via Jamison Hensley of “That’s what he was telling me on the sideline.”

Jackson had an up and down day against Washington that included his first interception of the season. That would have been the less egregious of his two turnovers had his premature celebration come back to hurt the Ravens.

5 responses to “Lamar Jackson heard from John Harbaugh after premature celebration

  1. Lamar needs to start throwing more accurately early in games so he doesn’t have to rely on his legs. Yesterdays formula doesn’t work against the good teams.

  2. Someone once asked Barry Sanders why he just gave the ball to the referee without celebrating after a touchdown. He responded that when you score a touchdown you should act like to expect to score another one soon.

    #1 touchdown celebration of all time.

  3. guitarkevin The offense’s formula will work against good teams especially if they’re not forced to swap tackles at the last minute. However it is the defense’s formula that concerns me. Letting Haskins have a 71% completion percentage and 314 yards, no turnovers, isn’t going to work against good teams – as shown by Mahomes shredding the defense last Monday. The offense is hitting its stride, the defense, particularly the pass defense has me worried.

  4. Nick Name. The defense should have pressed KCs receivers at the line of scrimmage. But Lamar is a concern for me. We are one sided in the fact that we run first. Granted, we are pretty good at at. But we have to be able to pass first if needed. I don’t trust Lamar yet. I love everything else about him though.

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