NFL, NFLPA explore whether Titans violated protocols

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Titans coach Mike Vrabel said earlier this week that no one is to blame for the team’s outbreak. The NFL is nevertheless looking for someone to blame.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that the league and the NFL Players Association are investigating whether the Titans failed to follow the protocols developed jointly by the NFL and the NFLPA.

“This isn’t a failure of the protocols; it is a failure to follow the protocols,” an unnamed source told Schefter.

The investigation reportedly is focused on outside linebackers coach Shane Bowen. Per the report, Bowen “was exposed to individuals who had been exposed” to the virus. The rules require all personnel to report that they were in the presence of someone who has the virus, or to not report for work if that has occurred.

The probe also is exploring whether the Titans were diligent when it comes to wearing masks in the facility. Frankly, based on the constant images of coaches and sideline personnel failing to properly wear masks when in the presence of TV cameras during games, it should surprise no one to learn that mask irregularities have happened and will happen at most if not all team facilities.

Although the NFL-NFLPA protocols are flawed — as previously noted, every team has roughly 170 people who go home every night to the potential for exposure to the virus — those flaws won’t be acknowledged as the cause of the Tennessee outbreak, especially if the Titans can be found to be guilty of things that nearly every team (if not every team) undoubtedly has been doing.

The ultimate message, then, could be that, as long as a team doesn’t have an outbreak, it’s “no harm, no foul.” If, however, teams end up with the virus in their building, the league and the union will find a way to blame the team without ever acknowledging the flaws in the protocols.

10 responses to “NFL, NFLPA explore whether Titans violated protocols

  1. if they violated protocols then any games that are missed because of them should be converted to forfeits.

  2. Fines & maybe draft picks but unless it was previously discussed the league doesn’t have the stones to make them forfeit games. Owners wouldn’t back it for fear the same thing happens to their teams. Not saying it shouldn’t, just saying it won’t.

  3. If they are found in violation, they should be punished. Period. Forfeiting the game against the Steelers and at this point, probably the Bills….Taking away draft picks should be a new rule put in place to make teams take this seriously.

  4. There’s no such thing as a perfect rule, but blatant violators should be dealt with severely.

  5. Unique times mandate unique punishments. The Titans obviously messed up somewhere, so forfeiting the games effected, is a good start. KEEP YOUR HOUSE IN ORDER man.

  6. Coaches have no reason to not follow every protocol given the nature of their position. There is enough video evidence to show they basically can’t follow the simplest one, keeping a god dam mask on. Not to mention the impact on other people’s health, but in the only way they could care … COSTING YOU WINS.

    With all the SPREAD in the Titans and isolated positives on other teams, the TITANS failed obviously based on the spread amongst coaches were protocols are simpler to follow.

    It is painfully obvious at this point

  7. Forfeiting the games isn’t fair to the opponents. No one will take those wins seriously, be it fans or beat writers, and no team wants to win games like that. There’s no pride in taking a W that wasn’t earned

  8. So lets punish the titans.. and put the patriots on a plane together since they’re leaving the one positive guy at home.
    Thats exactly how the outbreak started in tennessee the wknd of the vikings game.

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