Ron Rivera: Seeing what my cancer treatment costs, I hope everybody is covered

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Washington Football Team coach Ron Rivera is currently getting treatment for cancer, and that has given him empathy for the millions of Americans who don’t have access to the excellent health care that he does.

Rivera told Sal Paolantonio of ESPN that seeing how much his own health care costs makes him wish everyone in the country was covered.

“It speaks to the value and the need of proper medical for our country,” Rivera said. “Going through the things I’m going through and seeing what these things cost, you just hope everybody is protected and covered. You really do.”

Millions of Americans are not covered, and for many Americans a diagnosis like Rivera’s would be financially devastating. Rivera is right that there’s much more our country should do.

6 responses to “Ron Rivera: Seeing what my cancer treatment costs, I hope everybody is covered

  1. The problem isnt really in the coverage. Its the hefty up charges, margin, bonus’s & profits made by pharmacueticals. Sell it for costs and it would be affordable to all. Instead of all paying taxes on a goverment health plan.

  2. Good thing the outrageous costs of Big Pharma and Malpractice Insurance are factored into the Great Social Narrative. Oh wait, they’re not. …silly me, when does the Great Social Narrative ever speak with a comprehensive, judicious perspective?

    I’m moderate in my lean.
    I think America should have basic health insurance for everyone.
    I was raised within the conservative perspective, and have moved away from it.
    I understand the liberal perspective and am left wanting and unimpressed.

    Obamacare didn’t reform the Medical or Pharmaceutical pieces of the pie… it really wasn’t close to addressing the issue at large, and the former President has said as much. Obamacare alone isn’t anywhere near enough of the precious Change the Great Social Narrative clamors for. Insurance isn’t THE problem but part of the problem.

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