Talk already has emerged of a 12-game season

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All teams have played three games. At least two teams won’t play at all in Week Four.  Four more teams may not play in Week Four.

The pandemic suddenly has affected pro football in a major way, and there’s no reason to think it will get any better, especially with flu season starting.

So what should the NFL do? A hard bubble, with all 32 teams in hotels, is becoming a given at this point — if the NFL Players Association will agree to it. Multiple coaches have suggested to PFT  the possibility of reconfiguring the schedule to consist of 12 total games.

As one coach mapped it out, teams would play their division rivals only once, and one of their interconference games would be scrapped.

With the normal six games in the division cut to three, the league also should consider (and this is my own thought, not anything anyone in a position of influence suggested) using a 16-team playoff field that takes the best eight teams from each conference, without regard to division standings. That’s what the NFL did with a nine-game season in 1982, which was shortened due to a strike.

Regardless, less than a week after everything seemed to be under control, things are quickly coming unglued for the NFL.

35 responses to “Talk already has emerged of a 12-game season

  1. They should extend week 4 until all week 4 games are played. During that time come up with a game plan.

  2. It may be a smart idea, but I like football too much to like shortening the season. I would rather see them add a couple of bye weeks and extend the season through March if necessary in order to get all the games and playoffs in. I am one of those guys who gets slightly depressed from the end of the Super Bowl until the start of training camp. Make necessary adjustments, but please, play on!

  3. That’s fine with me. I assume we’ll still get 17 weeks of games though. Just not every team playing each week. I’m not greedy. Twelve games is better than expected.

  4. Their problem was entirely predictable.
    They should have shortened the schedule from the beginning. They should have scheduled division opponents first. They should have built in more bye weeks.
    Just like a alarmingly high percentage of the country, they should have recognized the seriousness and the reality of the situation.
    Greed and hubris have a cost.

  5. Multiple bye weeks for each team can stretch the season to its full length with a 12-game schedule..

  6. NFL should have had a second 8 game schedule in place honestly so that at some point they could take a 3-4 week break, and possibly stretch out the playoffs.

    This will get interesting

  7. It’s going to get worse before it gets better. Cut your losses and go to 12 games. Makes too much sense.

  8. As a Patriots fan, do the INTELLIGENT thing NFL. Lay out the next 3-4 weeks AS A WHOLE and reevaluate then. It worked for the NHL and baseball worked its kinks out too. Play it safe, isolate the players in hotels/practice facilities and call it a day.

  9. Why wasn’t this figured out before the season? Seriously they made the schedule like none of this had any chance of happening, and they had the benefit of watching all the other leagues deal with it AND had the longest amount of time to get it right.

  10. Quickly becoming unglued ?
    If anybody didn’t think the NFL was expecting the after watching MLB this summer they are fooling themselves.
    Nothing is becoming ‘unglued’…. the NFL is dealing with it.

  11. The teams that start 3-0 will have a distinct advantage, and the 0-3 ones wont have a snowball’s chance in hell, to make the playoffs. But at least they’ll get 75% of the season in.

  12. Keep it going! The NFL has been the only thing semi normal in the last 8 months.

  13. That seems a bit reactionary. You could cut games and still get virus issues as you lineup to play the playoffs. I think it would make sense to start playing games on an accelerated basis. Next week the Packers and Lions are slated to have baes. They play Dec 13th. They should move that game up and play in lieu of their bye next week.

  14. The NFL and NFLPA bungled this. They should have done the hard bubble from the get go.

  15. The Lions,Bears and Vikings would certainly agree to having to play fellow NFC North division rivals only once this season.any non loss is a win.

  16. If they reduce the season, how/if will that effect the tv contracts? That’s big money.

  17. why commit to anything before you have to? Play thru the season as best as possible.
    Push the post season back a few weeks for make up games. If there are some teams then that still have not made all games THEN make a decision on them.

    The Superbowl will probably have no fans-no hotels needed-no airline flights. That can also be pushed back then.

    Some teams will have inequities. Some decisions WILL be unfair to some teams. Some teams will benefit. There is NO fair way out of this.

  18. Not sure why everyone is getting worried. NHL and NBA are concluding their seasons now. NFL could add weeks 18-23 if needed, push the playoffs back and have Superbowl in April, and not many would be inconvenienced. Just play as long as it takes.

  19. This is just mercy for the Raiders and Lions because they’re so bad.

  20. If you positive tests are not a big deal. This was an evitable. As it will be in society. Quarantine the people that test positive and move on with it.

  21. What possible difference would four more games make? The only one really being inconvenienced is the guy having to re-jigger the schedule. Figure it out. Play on.

  22. Another outbreak or two and they’ll have to shut it down. Lots of money involved, so they’ll do something to try to salvage the season. But at some point after trying to patch together lineups and reschedule games, the integrity of the season becomes a farce. There should not be a Super Bowl champion crowned this year.

  23. As a Vikes fan the season could end today. Actually I will be shocked if they make it thru the season without a hard bubble in place.

  24. If they take the best 16 teams from each conference then the Giants and Jets will make the playoffs…..

  25. its needs to be even so Dallas can be .500 … again.

    Seriously, I’ve wondered why they are even playing except I know why: $

  26. I called this long ago. Big sweaty guys hitting each other that often. Always knew it would end badly.

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