Two more positive COVID-19 tests in Titans organization

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Sunday morning brought good news for the Saints when fullback Michael Burton‘s re-test for COVID-19 came back negative after a Saturday positive.

The news out of Tennessee on the testing front continues to be bad, however. According to multiple reports, two more members of the Titans organization have tested positive.

One of the positive tests was a player and the second came from a test of other team personnel. That brings the number of positive tests in the organization to 18 this week with nine of them coming from players.

Tennessee’s Week Four game against the Steelers was moved to Week Seven in response to those positives and now the question is whether Week Five will also be affected as the numbers continue to rise inside the Titans organization.

5 responses to “Two more positive COVID-19 tests in Titans organization

  1. Hopefully the league has thought of this: Simply take 2 weeks off for ALL teams, let the spread slow, testing occur, then restart for ALL teams. Extend the season. 3 weeks on, two weeks off. I know the media and venues will freak out over the idea, but these aren’t normal times. Otherwise, this makes competition unfair. Pause for everyone after this week. Remove all byes.

  2. Tighten up the rules a little bit, and then make teams with positive tests forfeit the games. Why ruin it for everyone just because a couple offenders can’t follow rules?

  3. With so many personnel on each team, its amazing this hasn’t spread like wildfire even more. Everyone has contact with kids, people in community, other family members etc. I think overall the league has done a pretty good job, but even one team getting hit can screw everything up. I like the idea of shutting it down for 14 days or so to reset, but how do you get guys to not go out or go into community for day to day living? Crazy times.

  4. Extending the season in cold weather cities would prove futile. Imagine home games in late January in Cleveland/Chicago/Buffalo/GB/NE etc.

  5. Yet NE and KC each have a positive and Goodell sends them to play one another with the knowledge more tests pop up well after the original.

    Arrest, try and convict Roger Goodell.

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