49ers hopeful, but unsure about Jimmy Garoppolo’s status

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The 49ers had to use both their backup quarterbacks in last night’s loss to the Eagles, and they might have to turn to one or both again this week.

Via Dalton Johnson of NBCSportsBayArea.com, 49ers coach Kyle Shanahan said he’s “not sure yet” if starter Jimmy Garoppolo will be ready for their Week Five game against the Dolphins as Garoppolo recovers from a Week Two high ankle sprain.

“I’m not sure, totally,” Shanahan said after the game. “I didn’t talk to him today about how it went. We’ll see tomorrow when he comes in.

“I know he’ll have a good workout here Monday and Tuesday, and hopefully he’ll be good to go for Wednesday, but I’m not sure yet.”

The could certainly use him, as any optimism Mullens generated previously was doused by his two-interception night, which saw him benched for C.J. Beathard late.

After this week’s game against the Dolphins, the schedule stiffens considerably, with games against the Rams, Patriots, Seahawks, Packers, Saints, and the Rams again.

7 responses to “49ers hopeful, but unsure about Jimmy Garoppolo’s status

  1. I think the curtain has been drawn back and people can see that Jimmy G wins games for the 49ers, and the lesser “system” guys Shanahan trots out do not. Niners also desperately need Mostert or at least Coleman back. McKinnon is a so-so third down back impersonating an every down back.

  2. Mullens plays great until he’s under pressure. Those two interceptions were horrible. It was as if he intended to throw to the Philly defense.

  3. Of the NFC West QBs – Garoppolo, Wilson, Goff, and Murray – the one who plays best under pressure will probably take the NFC West. My guess is Wilson.

  4. Wilson is the best QB in the NFCW….by far. The others are serviceable. Garoppolo is good enough to get the team to the Super Bowl. The same goes for Goff. They both proved that.

    Murray is the weakest QB, but he’s only on year 2, so will likely improve. Having D-Hop doesn’t hurt, either.

  5. The 49ers offensive line was real offensive to watch. Mcglinchey was pathetic and didn’t look like a 1st round pick. The whole o- line was still in the state of afternoon napping time. Evidentially, they didn’t even see the Eagle Malik Jackson pushed back the ball from 1st down mark.

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