Brian Flores presumes Ryan Fitzpatrick will start this week

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Dolphins head coach Brian Flores was asked Monday who will start at quarterback for his team against the 49ers in Week Five and he gave a less definitive answer than in past weeks.

Ryan Fitzpatrick has started the first four games of the season and , but the Dolphins are 1-3 and first-round pick Tua Tagovailoa‘s presence means that many people are wondering how much longer the team will wait before making a switch.

On Monday, Flores said that the coaching staff is going to meet later in the day and that the quarterback position is one of the topics of conversation. He noted that Tagovailoa is a young player coming off an injury and suggested that it will be a little longer before he moves up the next rung of the depth chart.

“I understand where everybody is coming from with Tua, I get all that,” Flores said, via Alain Poupart of “We’ll make the decision on the starter. I would presume it’s going to be Fitzpatrick.”

Fitzpatrick was 29-of-45 for 315 yards and two interceptions in Sunday’s 31-23 loss to Seattle while also leading the team with 47 rushing yards. It sounds like that’s enough to keep him in the lineup this week, but Flores’ answer suggests it might not be too much longer before that changes.

5 responses to “Brian Flores presumes Ryan Fitzpatrick will start this week

  1. The only thing that should really matter for the Dolphins is developing Tagovailoa for the future. Fitzpatrick is a great mentor to have in the QB room, but he’s not a playoff-caliber QB.

  2. Patrick Mahomes sat out his entire rookie season, and he had the support of a pretty decent roster. He was also much more advanced than Tua. I’d just stick with the plan, whatever that may be. Tua is going to experience enough growing pains as it is.

  3. Can we stop will this attitude that when a team is losing the first round pick qb needs to play. A lot of these guys come in not fully grasping the playbook and understand everything they needed to know. Also, unlike Burrow in Cincy, Tua didn’t go into the season preping as a starter. The fastest way to ruin a QB is by making them play before they are ready.

    Whether Tua starts or not, the Dolphins were not going to make the playoffs. Let him sit and learn from a Vet.

  4. The dolphins are 1-3 and gave been in every game they played in. I wanna see Tua, but not sure a rookie QB would make much of a difference at this point. Miami will probably go 7-9. But it will be fun to watch with Fitz. A 7-9 season under Tua will be a disappointment.

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