Bruce Arians, Todd Bowles think Sunday’s game would have been a 2019 loss

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The Buccaneers fell behind the Chargers 24-7 in the first half of Sunday’s game, but they were able to close the gap to 10 points by halftime and then outscored Los Angeles 24-7 the rest of the way for a 38-31 win.

Seeing Tom Brady lead a comeback is nothing new, but it was a first for him in his new uniform and it represented a big change from last year for head coach Bruce Arians and defensive coordinator Todd Bowles. Both coaches looked back to last year and noted that there was no way that team would have been able to get off the mat in the same way.

“I can honestly say had this been last year, we would have gotten our ass beat by 20,” Arians said on Sunday, via Peter King’s Football Morning in America.

Bowles said Monday, via Rick Stroud of the Tampa Bay Times, that he doesn’t think “we were mature enough to win this game a year ago.” Brady’s arrival might not be the only reason for that change in maturity, but it’s hard not to see that change as a big impetus for Sunday’s result.

6 responses to “Bruce Arians, Todd Bowles think Sunday’s game would have been a 2019 loss

  1. I thought we had a great draft. I’ve been pretty excited about Herbert – but yesterday was like a sucker punch. Didn’t see it coming and it’s going to leave a bruise for awhile.

  2. Announcers, commenters keep talking about the high scoring games and weak defensive play, but unless I missed it, I haven’t heard discussion of crowd noise, or the lack there of. Home team crowd noise makes it tough for opposing offensives to communicate effectively, change plays, etc. ESPECIALLY when when in scoring positions and MORE IMPORTANTLY in end of game scoring positions.

  3. This game is a big confidence builder for the Bucs. The younger teammates only saw Brady making comeback wins on the television before. But witnessing it on the battlefield with him and winning the game must be exhilarating! With Brady as the leader they know they always have a chance and that’s a powerful message. And what good timing that this happened right at the end of the first quarter of the season, a sort of preseason to get everyone on the same page. From here on out, everything has to be clicking on all cylinders for the tough roads ahead. And that goes for not just the Bucs but ALL the good teams in the league. It’s going to be an interesting season!

  4. Todd Bowles answered how a professional football head coach should.

    Bruce Arians answered how a professional football coordinator should.

  5. The difference is glaring!
    In times past Bucs qb would have thrown multiple ints trying to force a comeback..
    They now have a qb that protects the ball and doesn’t panic or force throws…
    TB12 is a winner a has proven it again!

  6. The Chargers are poorly coached and melted. Add to that they couldn’t effectively run the football to eat up the clock to help their rookie QB after Eckler went out and you have yesterday’s outcome.

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