Dak Prescott is on pace to obliterate the single-season passing yardage record

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Dak Prescott signed his franchise tender in June, opting to regard 2020 as a second straight contract year. He’s having one hell of a second straight contract year.

Prescott has become the first player in league history to throw for 450 or more yards in three straight games. On Sunday against the Browns, Prescott generated only the 24th game in league history featuring 500 passing yards or more.

The performances give Prescott 1,690 passing yards for the season, with 12 games to play. (That’s the most through four games in league history.) In 2013, Peyton Manning set the single-season passing yardage record, with 5,477 yards. Prescott is on pace or 6,760 yards.

If it happens, that’s not a shattering of the record. It’s an obliteration of it.

Even if he doesn’t continue this pace, with 1,690 yards already in the bank, Prescott needs to average only 315 yards per game for the rest of the season to tie the single-season record. While that’s a lot of yardage per week, it’s a lot less than 422.5, Prescott’s per-game average so far this season.

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  1. He threw the ball 57 times against Seattle and 58 times against Cleveland he should a ton of yards, that shouldn’t be a surprise. He should also have 9 interceptions, Cleveland dropped 4. Yards mean nothing when you continue to lose. I’m sure they will find a way to blame Jason Garrett.

  2. He’s probably not going to get as many garbage time, easy yards in the future. He’s does have six games in the pathetic NFC East though, so he’ll get a lot of gimme yards there.

  3. yeah that’s pretty cool, know what else is cool they’d be 0-4 if the falcons feilded players who knew the rules to an onside kick….maybe he should try throwing all thes yards when the score is tied instead of waiting to be down 20….jerry pay this man please…

    giants fan

  4. To correct 8king above, Prescott’s yardage isn’t just about attempts, as he is 7th in the league in Y/A too. It’s quantity and quality put together, which is usually what you get with the guys at the top of the passing yardage leaderboard.

  5. Lot of people like to say Dak can only throw against prevent defense

    My question is, was Cleveland playing prevent from the start, because he hit on 10 of his first 11 for something like 170 yards and 2 TD in the first quarter…

    Meanwhile Dallas defense allowed a 37 yard TD pass from a left handed WR….

    But the QB is the problem

  6. He is also on pace to lead the Cowboys to a 4-12 record.

    I remember last season against the Eagles, if they win, they win the division, if they lose, they are out, he overthrew wide open Gallop and Copper for sure TDs that would have given them the game.

    Dave Kreig, Vinny Testaverde, Kerry Collins, Drew Bledsoe all have more passing yards than Troy Aikman, Steve Young and Kurt Warner.

    Garbage passing yards mean nothing.

  7. @redsox

    You are correct but the y/a would not be what it is if he weren’t playing against prevent defenses. When defenses play man coverage he throws int’s. He will probably throw for 6,000 yards but if they finish 4-12 who cares.

  8. I’m always hearing about how dak shouldn’t be taking any of the blame because he’s doing his part. Well, think about how that dallas defense is set up. Average at LB and weak in the secondary. Theyre supposed to be good on the Dline and pass rush. That kind of defense is built to play with a lead and allow the pass rush to take over. But with dak not getting the ball rolling until the 4th qtr, theyre always playing from behind and thats why they’re D is in trouble. If dak could put up all those number early on in the game, the defense would look so much better because they could just pin their ears back and get after the qb. So yes, the defense may be the main problem, but dak is definitely part of the problem as well. And he has a history of playing this way. It’s not just a fluke 4 game stretch that he’s had this season.

  9. The thing Dak has working in his favor toward this record is the potentially-record-setting awfulness of the Dallas defense.

  10. He is a professional fourth quarter stat padder. how do you have a talent like Zeke and not have him as a focal point of the offense? The Browns figured it out, making the running game top priority. If the cowboys ever figure it out they might win some games.

  11. If the Falcons didn’t mess up their coverage of an onside kick, the Cowboys would be 0-4 right now, so Prescott’s achievements — while nice — haven’t really helped them win games.

  12. Something else that nobody is talking about, why in the world would you put a rookie tackle one on one against Myles Garrett?

  13. It’s funny how people keep insisting that Dak is not an elite quarterback. Constantly pointing to other reasons for his great numbers (trash time stats, great offensive line, great weapons, etc.). As an Eagles fan, I admit that I used to be one of those people. But I’ve watched all of their games this year and he looks pretty elite to me. They’re not losing games because of him. That defense is horrendous!

  14. The cowboys are lucky Dak didn’t accept their long term contract offer last offseason. They’re learning the hard way what you get with a few overpaid players and a thin roster overall.

  15. It’s even more impressive when you do the math and realize that’s 1,690 yards per win!

  16. It Dak sets a record it will be surpassed too. The way the NFL is going we are going to be seeing 400 yds per as normal and see 500 at least once a week by someone. Not your Dad’s NFL and for me not entertaining ether.

  17. joshgordonsbong says:
    October 5, 2020 at 10:17 am
    yeah that’s pretty cool, know what else is cool they’d be 0-4 if the falcons feilded players who knew the rules to an onside kick….maybe he should try throwing all thes yards when the score is tied instead of waiting to be down 20….jerry pay this man please…

    giants fan
    Dude seriously…you worried about Dak signing when you have ‘Danny Dimes’ that can’t win a game…LMAO…REDSKIN fan

  18. People haven’t taken the Cowboys seriously for about 25 years. No reason to think any differently now. I just hope they never fire the GM.

  19. @8king, Zeke was a brutal pass blocker yesterday. He offered little to zero help with Miles.

  20. Chalk this up to Jerry. While Lamb is looking good but did the cowboys need another shiny new toy when they need D help? They should have tried to draft Kinlaw.
    Plus, when the RB is paid so much shouldn’t he be a focal point.

    You can’t fix stupidity.

  21. It’s also entirely possible that Dak will become the first 6K quarterback who doesn’t make the playoffs.

  22. Yeah, and that’s probably more important to Dak than being 1-3 and only have that win because they played the biggest chokers (Falcons) in the history of mankind. But hey, Dak can ask for $40M next year because he’s putting up big numbers.

  23. Why go scrounging for over-the-hill free agents to rescue the defense? Why not move some offensive players to the defense for some passing plays, like Cedrick Wilson to safety, and Lamb to corner? Let Noah Brown substitute at linebacker on passing downs, and what about Bernard for Smith at linebacker on every other play? Tony Pollard might provide some agility in the secondary for a few plays each game. Try Terence Steele in the middle of the defensive line to clog up the opposition’s running game. Move good athletes to the defense, and your overall team will improve.

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