Derek Carr: I’m sick of losing

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Sunday was a record-setting day for Raiders quarterback Derek Carr, but becoming the franchises all-time leader in touchdown passes wasn’t his focus when all was said and done.

Passing Ken Stabler with his 151st touchdown pass was nice, but Sunday’s 30-23 loss to the Raiders dropped the team’s record in games started by Carr to 41-57. The losses are what Carr was focused on when he spoke to reporters after the contest.

“I’m sick of losing,” Carr said, via “I’m sick of working as hard as I do, and as we do, and going out there and losing. I mean, it sucks. Enough is enough. The things that are hurting us in these close games is not them; it’s us. That’s the hard part to swallow. . . . Me being here, my seventh year, I’ve seen too much crap. I’ve seen a whole bunch of crap, if I’m just being honest with you. Is it going to take my positivity and my joy away? Absolutely not. I’m going to be me, regardless. But is it OK for me to be a little hot, a little pissed sometimes? Yeah. And this is one of those moments.”

The Raiders closed within 17-16 in the second half, but tight end Darren Waller lost a fumble to set up a Bills touchdown and Carr lost a fumble in the fourth quarter for the second straight game. Those miscues set the Raiders up for a result that Carr’s become all too familiar with over the years.

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  1. You could give a donkey the best trainer in the world, the best facilities, the best dietician , geographic change and everything else and he’ll never win a horse race. See the parallels Derek?

  2. Unfortunately with the exception of one (1) winning season in 2016 and a few .500 years the Raiders have been doing nothing but losing for the last 17 years. During the first 8 years in that span it was due to Al Davis’ senility in his later years. However over the last 9 years it’s been due to the ownership of Al’s son who inherited the team. When Son-of-Al took over the team, he promised he would stay hands-off and let qualified people run the football operation but he quickly broke his promise by importing cancerous players like Marshawn Lynch and then firing a decent HC in Del Rio and bringing back an inferior (but political) HC like Gruden as a publicity stunt.

    The only way the Raiders can become consistent winners again is if the ownership changes.

  3. What’d you expect?
    Raiders haven’t been relevant since the 1980’s except for 1 blowout Super Bowl loss.

  4. This is a guy that averages less than 4,000 yards a season, has a completion percentage of 64.4% in his career, and has contributed 154 TDs to 62 INTs, while fumbling it 57 times in his career. Carr is an average QB, and average QBs cant overcome terrible defense. He’s an accurate QB, average arm strength (afraid to take shots, though), and a lot of questionable decisions. If you want him as your QB, you NEED a defense.

  5. This is a guy…

    You forgot to mention that he can’t win if the temp is below 55 degrees. Heck, the franchise up & moved to another location to suit his tendencies…All nice in the dome with no wind. Just don’t turn the AC down too low. He is not football.

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