Fight could be looming over NFL fines imposed on Raiders players

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If, as it appears, the NFL fined various Raiders players who (frankly) deserve to be fined for attending a potential indoor superspreader event last Monday night in Nevada, the NFL may have overstepped its authority.

As crafted, the rules limiting the things players can and can’t do away from the facility give the franchises the ability to impose punishment for conduct detrimental to the team. In this case, the Raiders chose to look the other way. This exposes the flaw in the process.

The league nevertheless has acted, wielding authority that the league arguably doesn’t have. The NFL believes that both the team and the league have the authority to impose fines. The NFL Players Association, per a source with knowledge of the union’s position, believes that the league shouldn’t have imposed the fines. This strongly implies that grievances will be filed — and there’s a good chance the players will win.

Should they have gone to the event? No. Should the punishment have come from the team not the league? Arguably, yes. Will all of it be battled out in an arbitration setting? Most likely.

10 responses to “Fight could be looming over NFL fines imposed on Raiders players

  1. So, we would rather the players NOT attend the fundraising event? No good deed …

  2. They can take it out on Gruden, who once again wasn’t wearing his mask over his face on the sideline.

  3. I’m a Raiders fan but I wish Mark Davis would have acted responsibly, fined the players on behalf of the team, and donated the fine money to local Vegas covid mitigation and or Waller’s Foundation. Fine should have been a percentage of max for each player (one game check) so the richer players paid more

    the mask challenged indoor fundraiser was in the evening at a country club, if they scheduled it an hour later they could have had it outdoors and socially distanced. Just sayin’

  4. The original agreement with the NFLPA was that teams could fine their own players a maximum of $14K+, or just under $15K, for violation COVID protocols.
    Clearly, since prominent Raiders were involved (Derek Carr, particularly), the Raiders chose not to do anything.

    The League coming in and doing it anyway will bring up an interesting situation: Mark Davis owes the League EVERYTHING HE OWNS for their co-signing his loans so the he could get that stadium built. The League has also given him the NFL Draft, and certainly an upcoming Super Bowl is expected.

    Point being: Mark Davis is not in a position to challenge anything. The players certainly can fight this in arbitration, but Mark Davis can’t join in that fight. The fact that Darren Waller had an even heavier fine shows that the League doesn’t care if the owners at the Raiders, or at the Titans, want to appease their players.

    Mark Davis does not need this; getting on the League’s bad side will be a bad thing for his prospects of having a profitable situation. The League could pull their collateral on that loan if they *really* get mad at Mark Davis for not controlling the COVID compliance with his coaches and players. And that would be bad.

    Watch for Mark Davis to start nailing things down. Because he has to.

  5. As ususal Florio is on the side of lidigation. NFL waaaayyyy over stepping their bounds here. They were at a chrity event and eveyone takes of their mask at sometime. No fines should be levied against them, they are on their own time.

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