Joe Judge says Golden Tate was defending himself, won’t face team discipline

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Giants head coach Joe Judge didn’t have much to say on Sunday about the postgame fight between wide receiver Golden Tate and Rams cornerback Jalen Ramsey, but he offered a bit more when he met with reporters on Monday.

Judge said, via multiple reporters, that he doesn’t want the team to have to deal with things like the fight after games, but that there will not be any internal discipline for Tate’s actions.

Judge said he was told by multiple members of the team that Tate did not throw the first punch and was defending himself against Ramsey. Ramsey was once romantically involved with Tate’s and they have two children together, but an acrimonious end to their relationship led to bad blood between the two players.

While the team won’t be doling out any punishment, the NFL could still discipline Tate for his role in the fracas.

11 responses to “Joe Judge says Golden Tate was defending himself, won’t face team discipline

  1. Long before any of this happened, I read where Tate said he was going to fight Ramsey the next time he sees him, due to some personal family matters. Then yesterday, after Tate’s team got beat by Ramsey’s, there was a fight. The NFL should suspend Tate for the rest of the season. Nip this type of behavior right now. That was an NFL football field. Don’t bring that stuff to the NFL. Next time someone might show up with a gun. Just no place in football for that kind of behavior.

  2. Regardless of who may have punched first, it sounds like Tate is the one with the beef. Is he the one who sought out Ramsey, or vice versa, as I feel that may have as much to do with “who started it” as who threw the first punch. Either way, get over it and act like an adult. I know, that is probably too much to ask for.

  3. If only Ramsey had conducted himself in any way, shape, or form in the past that would give him the benefit of the doubt.

  4. The story apparently is that Jalen Ramsey got Golden Tate’s sister pregnant. Then, he broke up with her after he moved to Los Angeles, in order to date a prostitute. He abandoned them, so that’s why Golden Tate doesn’t like him.

  5. I don’t disagree with any of this but I’m not punching my co-worker at work. In this day and age, we could lose our job for punching our co-worker not at work. The league should be reviewing.

  6. this is as close to relevant that tate will be anymore. seattle and detroit figured it out. howie roseman and dave gettleman found out too late. dude is done. his one trick was yards after catch and now that trick don’t work.

  7. Knowing the public history, The Giants and Rams organizations didn’t do enough to prevent this. Both teams should lose a 2nd rd pick. Both players should be suspended. Giants have had now 2 great opportunities to get out of Tate’s guaranteed money. Giants continue to have great leadership.

  8. I think Ramsey screwed over Tate’s sister after she had two kids with him. I’m no Golden Tate fan, but I hope he got in a couple good punches for his sister.

  9. Tate has been an awful signing for a rebuilding team. First he gets suspended for 4 games for PEDs. Then he is a mediocre performer at a high salary. Better off saving the $ and letting the kids play. You can be certain that after this season it will be buh-bye.

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