NFL fines Raiders players after they’re seen with no masks at indoor event

Getty Images

Videos of Raiders players not wearing masks while in attendance at an indoor fundraiser for tight end Darren Waller‘s foundation surfaced last week and touched off an investigation in Henderson, Nevada into whether the event violated state guidelines.

It also caught the eye of the NFL and the NFL has responded by disciplining Waller and other members of the team. NFL Media reports that Waller has been fined $30,000 and several teammates have been fined $15,000 after being seen at the event.

Quarterback Derek Carr is one of the players in the latter category. Carr said last week that “we had a few moments where we slipped up” while at the event and tried to steer the story back to the work that Waller’s foundation is trying to do for people battling drug and alcohol addiction.

Raiders head coach Jon Gruden, who has been fined for not wearing a mask, made a similar argument, but it’s clear that isn’t where the league is focusing its attention.