Referee Tony Corrente: Patrick Mahomes was in the grasp, with progress stopped

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Maybe the play would have made a difference. Maybe not.

No one will ever know, though, after referee Tony Corrente shut down a play that resulted in Shilique Calhoun catching a ball that Patrick Mahomes lost (or threw). The turnover never happened as Corrente ruled the Chiefs quarterback in the grasp of Chase Winovich.

The Patriots, who trailed 6-3 at the time, would have had the ball at the Kansas City 35. Instead, the Chiefs punted.

“I felt that he was being controlled quite a bit prior to him actually going to the ground,” Corrente said in a pool report. “And as he was being controlled, other players were coming in at him, and so with those other players baring down on him, a quarterback is considered in the grasp and his forward progress is considered stopped when I feel as though the player’s safety is being jeopardized. And that was the case in this instance. So, rather than allow him to get hit by a second and third player, we shut it down and considered it forward progress.”

Corrente didn’t provide an explanation of his ruling at the time, inviting a question about why Bill Belichick didn’t challenge. Because Corrente ruled in the grasp, the Patriots, by rule, were not allowed to challenge.

“No, because the play was shut down and stopped prior to the fumble occurring, or prior to him losing control of the football,” Corrente said when asked whether the Patriots could have challenged. “There was no reviewable aspect of that play.”

23 responses to “Referee Tony Corrente: Patrick Mahomes was in the grasp, with progress stopped

  1. Patriot fans already real tired of the Chiefs rubbing their noses in the turf. Too bad, learn to deal with it.

    All of your magic headed South and to the NFC. Your team is no longer feared nor respected. At.All.

    The days of New England getting the benefit of doubt – favorable subjective calls is in the rear view mirror.

  2. Terrible call. You gotta let them play. Mahomes is one of those guys that can break free or find an open guy at any moment. Guys like that, you gotta let them play.

  3. So only certain guys get to play it out, the others you call it dead? No pressure refs, you only need to know what guy are in which category. Great take…

  4. Tony Corrente makes the NFL impossible to watch!!! He needs to be relieved of duty in order to preserve the integrity of the game. Until the NFL grows a backbone, any games this fairy is involved in must be boycotted!!! As fans, we deserve to be heard.

  5. Truth speak “ the league office has emphasized player safety, especially QB safety in recent years, the policy may have resulted in a quick whistle by my crew”

  6. Terrible call. New England got screwed at least four critical times in this game. Asterisk.

  7. Not a fan of either team, but between this call and the out of bounds “push”, the refs have found their new golden boy to baby.

  8. bad call, worse rational by the ref… Mahomes was moving forward and actively trying to complete a pass… his arm was hit as it was moving backwards, never a whistle to be heard. 100% chance if he dumps that pass off to a running back, the play continues on. It was only AFTER the strip sack and recovery by the Patriots did we hear a whistle.

  9. He turned the ball over before the whistle blew. Nonsense on all of this on the grasp stuff. Not a pats fan but that was a big play in the game and he was still trying to make a play. Chiefs got away with one and Reid knew it which is why they quickly punted.

  10. There was a lot of questionable calls and non calls in that game but the Pats lost primarily due to poor execution at key points. The swing pass on the play before the sack that ran out the clock was just plain dumb. The fumble was horrible. Edelman’s drop into the corner’s hands was horrible. Byrd was open by 15 yards and the interception was late and way under-thrown by Stidman. Hoyer was throwing high the whole time he played.

    That game made Cam a lot of money.

    As to the Eli comment above. That 18-0 Super Bowl loss throw to Tryee goes as the biggest non-call in NFL history. The Giants OL were literally horse-collaring Pats linemen that had Eli in the grasp. Not one Patriots player or coach ever complained about the call. Class.

  11. Was it just me or did most of you get sick of Chief players posing all game?

    That LSU RB can play.

    Byrd looks like he’s for real.

  12. Newsflash for the refs
    Every sack begins with progress being stopped.
    The only time you should blow the play dead, is when players are holding him up in order for other players to strip.
    Just admit your trying to protect the QB more than you should.

  13. Ruling “in the grasp” but not blowing the whistle until much, much later is pretty poor officiating.

  14. Between this call, the bogus late hit and NKeal Harry’s td last year, the refs owe the Pats a few in the next matchup.

  15. Insomniac says:
    October 6, 2020 at 12:33 am
    I wish Eli was in the grasp…


    Comparing the two plays, the phrase “controlled quite a bit” would definitely apply more to Manning than Mahomes.

  16. This is the kind of play and weak explanation after the fact that keeps officiating from gaining any credibility in the NFL. I’m a Chiefs fan, I thought it was a turnover and was seriously surprised at the ruling.

    “I felt that he was being controlled quite a bit prior to him actually going to the ground,” is ambiguous to the point of being gibberish. The latitude for interpretation is too broad. Change the rules, change how the refs enforce them or both. Just fix this.

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