Ryan Fitzpatrick knows the Tua Tagovailoa clock is ticking

Getty Images

Dolphins quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick isn’t sure when he’s going to yield to Tua Tagovailoa.

But when he does, he thinks the rookie will be prepared for the chance.

Via Peter King of NBC’s Football Morning in America, Fitzpatrick said he’s been impressed with the way the first-rounder has handled his internship so far.

He’s a very interesting guy.” Fitzpatrick said on King’s podcast. “He asks a lot of good questions, good football questions when we’re in the meeting room or even on the sideline during a game. You can tell that he’s very smart in that regard. Football-smart. I think he’s probably a little bit of an older soul, just in terms in some of the stuff that he’s into and some of the discussions we can have. It’s been a lot of fun getting to know him. He’s got a lively personality that makes everybody smile around the building.

“I know my job security really for me is a week-to-week proposition and I’ve got to go out there and prove it every single week. With Tua, just being able to slow down sometimes, to be able to take the extra minute to explain something—my thought process or to sit on the bench during a game and instruct and talk and answer questions—that stuff is maybe a little bit different than how it would go normally. But I know what my role is. I know that I’m keeping the seat warm for him. I know the talent that he has and I’m excited whenever he gets his opportunity. I feel like I’m going to play a big part in that.”

Fitzpatrick has lost three of his four starts so far, and things are slipping away from a Dolphins team that entered the year with higher expectations. Whether they make the change sooner or later remains to be seen, but Fitzpatrick knows it’s inevitable.