Stephen Jones: Now is not the time to think about drastic changes

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There is unrest in Dallas-Fort Worth.

The Cowboys are 1-3 and lucky not to be 0-4. In his nine seasons as the Cowboys’ full-time head coach, Jason Garrett never started 1-3.

The honeymoon is over for head coach Mike McCarthy and especially defensive coordinator Mike Nolan. The Cowboys rank 30th in total defense and are last in turnover ratio with nine giveaways and two takeaways.

It’s a recipe for a sub-.500 season, something the Cowboys haven’t done since 2015.

After only four games, though, Cowboys executive vice president Stephen Jones said the team has no thoughts of changes on the coaching staff.

“We just have to be better. We have to go to work,” Jones said on 105.3 The Fan on Monday. “Now is not the time to think about things like that. We have to be better. We have to go to work. We have to bring our lunch bucket, and I’m very convicted about this staff and very convicted about this team, but right now we’re not playing winning football.”

The Browns rushed for 307 yards Sunday, the most allowed by the Cowboys in team history. Dallas has allowed 38 or more points in three consecutive games, the first time that has happened since 1960.

“Mike’s got a proven track record and certainly he’s owning this,” Jones said. “He said it starts at the top with the leadership, and I don’t think this team is playing with much confidence right now. He’ll be the first to say that’s on him in his mind, and I think he’s got a great message and understand completely. We deserve all of the criticism we get. We believe we have a really good football team. We’re convicted in this team. We believe we have really good football players. I believe we have a really good staff, too. So, understand completely you are going to continue to ask these questions, deservedly so, but I’ve got the same answers.”

15 responses to “Stephen Jones: Now is not the time to think about drastic changes

  1. Not to mention the spectacularly awful special teams decisions and execution – one watermelon kick not withstanding.

  2. How about a QB change? Throw Dalton in there since all of Dak’s yards are garbage yards after their getting blown out. Dalton would out play Dak.

  3. Apparently the Jones boys are too inept to realize that they need to find some free agent help on defense. On the other hand, we’re on the way to a high draft choice.

  4. I think the only drastic change needed – and it really is needed – is a new GM.

  5. Drastic change like firing the long time GM who hasn’t won anything in 20 years? As a local media member asked, what other NFL team would hire Jerry Jones as its GM? NONE.

  6. I think the only thing the Jones should be “convicted” of, is impersonating football executives.

  7. The problem isn’t Dak and the offense — has MM ever coached a team with a decent defense?

  8. Jones is obviously a disaster, having a great fantasy football team but no D. But what was McCarthy thinking hiring Mike Nolan. He is a fossil, not having been DC in what 6-7 years. Game has changed a lot and he is not up to the task, especially with this defensive personnel.

  9. Totally Jones fault. Settled on McCarthy since no one would come to Dallas without some measure of control.
    Then he drafts Lamb, who’s obviously very good but did they need another great receiver with two 1000 yards receivers when they could have moved up to get Kinlaw and stop offenses from gashing them?

  10. shame they passed on Bieniemy, Jones’s can’t see the forest for the trees

  11. Green Bay has gotten so much better since McCarthy left, and the Cowboys seem to have gotten worse. I guess I’m wasting my time because Jerry Jones is the kind of guy that never admits he made a mistake. Even Green Bay fans have to be wondering how many more titles they could have had since they drafted Aaron Rodgers.

  12. Hey Steve the team is 1-3 should be 0-4. Don’t tell fans it’s not time for change. We are tired of the losing. Year after year after year.

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