Texans fire Bill O’Brien

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After an 0-4 start and longstanding questions about his decision making, Texans coach and General Manager Bill O’Brien has been fired.

John McClain of the Houston Chronicle reports that owner Cal McNair fired O’Brien today.

O’Brien’s team has won the AFC South four of the last five years, but since being given full control of personnel, his moves as a GM have been widely panned. Those moves included trading away star receiver DeAndre Hopkins and trading away the Texans’ first-round draft picks in both 2020 and 2021 for offensive tackle Laremy Tunsil.

Romeo Crennel is expected to take over as interim head coach. Jack Easterby, who has become the second-most powerful member of the team’s front office, is expected to stay with the team.

The Texans will now move into a phase in which the most important piece — franchise quarterback Deshaun Watson — is in place, but everything else needs to be rebuilt.

88 responses to “Texans fire Bill O’Brien

  1. Thats the best move the Texans have made in the last few years. Rejoice, Texans fans- you’ll finally have a real GM and a chance at a competent front office that complements the new coach!

  2. They looked pathetic against the hapless Vikings. BoB set that franchise back for a decade

  3. The Hopskins deal was a disaster but I did not know he traded two 1st rounders for Tunsil. WOW!!!!!!

  4. Hey Dabo, we will wait until your season is over. We have your star QB, job is yours whenever you want it.

  5. Yep, sounds about right. Bye week for Detroit is the perfect time to pop Patricia next.

  6. Should have done it before they traded away picks and Hopkins and got David Johnson and Brandon Cooks.

  7. This was so long overdue. The DeAndre Hopkins trade should have been the final straw.

  8. Watson has been exposed. An average-above average QB without Hopkins opening up the offense. Houston was a very good team before O’brien came in and went all in on the caste system.

  9. I am sad we didn’t get our bid in in time for JJ WAAAT. We’d have offered a conditional 4th and a solid 5th for him. Sad face.

  10. Long overdue. As in why didn’t you do this in January? Are you actually that shocked that O’Brian took you 0-4? Now the 2020 season is a total and complete wash. There are TWELVE MORE GAMES and you just signed your QB to a monster contract. I’m happy for you and laughing at you at the same time Houston Texans.

  11. NOW is when you fire him? Not when he mortgaged the future picks or traded away one of one of the top receivers in the league? Not a Texans fan per se, but watching him dismantle your franchise is as criminal on the ownership as it was on him.

  12. too bad that Old Bill completely screwed the Texan with his horrible trades, they have no draft picks, it will be a slow rebuild

  13. But he’s a Bill Belichick disciple, they never fail

  14. Its about btime. The Osweiller, Hopkins and Tunsil deals on their own were merit enough for his firing. But all three. That’s worse than Ditka’s trading away his entire draft for Ricky Williams and a pound of weed

  15. I never got the appeal of this guy. Weak division allowed him to hang on longer I guess.

  16. Maybe they shouldn’t have let him trade away 2 entire draft classes and the best WR in football for some magic beans.

    At this point it would’ve made more sense to keep Bob through the season as there is no hope for whoever has to take over this team to improve it. No picks, no trade assets. All gone.

    This is exactly the same team the Titans will have to roll with the next 2 years.

  17. O’Brien is a decent head coach. Unfortunately for him, he can’t work with others and foolishly believes he’s GM material. The McNairs have been terrible owners and letting O’Brien worm his way into the GM position was one of the worst mistakes they’ve made.

    If they keep O’Brien’s co-conspirator, Easterby, in ANY capacity, they are making another huge mistake. They need to build an entirely new front office with people who are actually qualified.

  18. The Belichick coaching tree looks worse than Charlie Brown’s tree, Charlie Weis, Romeo Crenell, Matt Patricia and now Billy O’Brien

  19. The texans also gave up 2nd rounders in 2020 and 2021 for Tunsil and they also got stills

  20. Okay, O’Brien is gone. But where do they go from here? Do they hire some NFL recycle or hire a college coach or hire an NFL assistant coach?
    The Texans have a history — albeit short one — of coming up short in big games. So this is not going to be an overnight fix.

  21. silentraven7 says:
    October 5, 2020 at 5:01 pm
    Thats the best move the Texans have made in the last few years. Rejoice, Texans fans- you’ll finally have a real GM and a chance at a competent front office that complements the new coach!


    The new front office can take the next year or two off as the Titans have no draft picks and have already traded away anyone who has value not named DeShaun Watson.

  22. The goal now is to win as many games as they can this year so the first and second round picks in the 2021 draft they traded away are as low as possible.

  23. He won’t be the last coach that gets fired after getting torched by Justin Jefferson and CO.

  24. toldlikeitis says:
    October 5, 2020 at 5:06 pm
    Watson has been exposed. An average-above average QB without Hopkins opening up the offense. Houston was a very good team before O’brien came in and went all in on the caste system.

    7 14

    Watson exposed?
    He hasn’t had a consistent line since he got there due to the way the franchise handled Duane brown and then gifted Brown to the Seahawks. As a GM O’Brien definitely stunk. As a coach, he maximized his players (4 out of 6 years in the playoffs)and will land another H/C job down the line, of course with no personal control. But as the GM, he killed his own chance as a coach by trading away the talent he has had and basically demoralized his own players.
    If anything, Watson has helped this franchise stay a float. All he does is win, and I am not a Texan fan. Texans lucky to have their franchise QB, just ask the Bears, lol.

  25. Oh great, brace for huge COVID outbreak, bc Houston going to be partying! Bye bye Bill. Being a control freak doesn’t work out so well in the long run.

  26. silentraven7 says:
    October 5, 2020 at 5:01 pm
    Thats the best move the Texans have made in the last few years. Rejoice, Texans fans- you’ll finally have a real GM…

    Easterby isn’t going anywhere and he signed off on the Tunsil & Hopkins trades, just sayin’…

  27. Everything has a breaking point. Long overdue. It’s nothing personal but BoB had to go, after all the NFL is a business at the end of the day

  28. Who ever replaces him needs to have a clear understanding with ownership that the loss of 1st round draft picks will impact the ability to turn things around in less than 2 or 3 years. Those picks are huge.

  29. WOW about 4yrs behind schedule! Only question is: why’d you wait until he dismantled the team before making this move?

  30. Dang, now they might become competitive. Should’ve been done 18 months ago, but as a Chiefs fan I thank them for prepping us for the SB run.

    Sorry they lost a top 3 WR in the league and 2 1st rounders.

  31. On behalf of Dolphin fans everywhere, we salute you Bob.

    Thank you, soooooooo much.

    To the rest of the league: watch out. Dolphins will be stacked soon.

  32. The owner of the NY Jets (Chris Johnson) allowed an inept GM to do considerable damabe when he extended him in 2017 and didn’t fire him in 2019 and let him wreck teh draft and free agency.

    Firing Bill Obrien now makes little sense.
    Its too late .
    The owner let him decimate the team.
    Fine, you fired him, but the damage is done.
    You lost DeAndre Hopkins, you over paid Tunsil.
    You are paying David Johnson.

    Good luck rebuilding.

  33. crennel did well as HC when he stepped in for todd haley with the chiefs…not so well after they gave him the job permanently…

  34. So when is Gase gonna be fired next? I’ll be stoked to see the Jets call a run play that is NOT just up the middle.

  35. Too little too late… The Texans are jacked for years to come! They may never recover for GM activities. They should have sold the team…

  36. About time he never did anything with endless talent on the roster. Plus getting rid of Hopkins and letting Clowney walk.

  37. Trading Hopkins was nuts, especially for what he got. Giving away all those first round picks was also nuts.

    The handwriting was on the wall when JJ and DeShaun both told the press yesterday that they needed to change what they were doing because it wasn’t working.

  38. I typically feel at least a modicum of sympathy for most HCs that are fired, even when it’s a rival team — it kind of sucks to see someone put tons of effort into something and fail. O’Brien’s actions, demeanor, and approach make it pretty hard to feel for him on this one.

  39. I’ll always love you Bill!! Expect a birthday card from me and the family every year forever!
    – Arizona Cardinals Fan

  40. “Great coach. But his desire to run everything was his downfall.”

    No clue where this idea comes from. His only head coaching jobs were Penn State for two seasons and the Texans. I give him credit for having any success at all at Penn State given the circumstances but he was still only 15-9 there. And he went 52-48 with the Texans with a track record of embarrassing playoff performances. Not the worst coach ever and he has had his moments but he’s never been anywhere close to great.

  41. This guy was a decent head coach, but what a crazy ego. Ends up as defacto GM and ends up destroying a talented team. I don’t think trading those players was terrible, its the horrifying return and then subsequent replacements he got. There was basically no money saved, talent always downgraded, and picks lost. I don’t see how he thought the Hopkins and Tunsil deal were anything but horrible. It’s crazy anyone that believes that those deals were beneficial at all could RUN an NFL TEAM’s PERSONNEL. Again, not a awful coach but probably the worst General Manager of all time.

  42. Rofl at the Texans. Maybe O’Brien can get a assistant coaching job with the greatest football organization!! J-E-T-S JETS JETS JETS!!

  43. im a diehard eagles fan but live in houston. So as long as they are not playing my eagles i do pull for them…..until yesterday. yesterday i was a huge vikings fan. i just felt if the vikings won the texans would finally fire bob. they lost and now it has happened thank god. Good luck to the bargain bin bill belichick on his future endeavors but dont let the door hit you where the good lord split ya.

  44. Dolphin fan checking in, thank you for the 1st and 2nd rounders this year Texans. They look likely to be pretty high in each round. Side note, Tua time please??

  45. Texans fans are good people, they deserved this. Now we have to clean house in Jacksonville, too.

  46. I swear, Belichick sends his minions out to make other teams worse, there’s no other explanation

  47. Wait!!!

    I thought DeShaun Watson was a god?!?

    See what happens when a average to below-average quarterback
    is forced to play with limited and/or limited amount of offensive weapons.

    I take no pleasure in this (I have always like Watson)… but…
    … holding Watson up as a god while playing with two GREAT wide receivers,
    one great tight end, and quality offensive line while attacking Andy Dalton
    who played with no offensive line, one wide receiver, and no tight end got old.

  48. This is Houston’s chance to get as good of a QB minded coach in the HC spot as they can get. Maybe with O’Brian gone Hopkins can be lured back into the fold somehow. I’d really like to see this club take the next step after almost 20 years.

  49. I’m sorry but ownership has to take 100% of the blame for those ridiculous trades. BILL didn’t do it on his own…stuff like that needs to be signed off on by ownership. Someone was not watching the store.

  50. It’s about time. He was driving this franchise into the ground. He’s horrible. Crenel cannot be any worse. I think anybody at all would do a better and more competent job.

  51. How did he still have a job leading up to this? so many bad seasons and so much wasted potential on the Texans….

  52. O’brien was allowed to rise to the level of his own incompetence – rarely pretty when that happens. Odds are good we’ll see a lot of “fight” from the Texans for at least the next few games, assuming they are happy to see O’brien go. Head coach, tough position – to be in charge but still KNOW that the players are more important than you are – some coaches forget that, and this is the normal result. Coaches MUST deal with people that they don’t necessarily “love”, just like a good Manager does. O’brien has some talent, but a lesson to be learned here.

  53. My money was on Adam Gase or Dan Quinn getting fired first…But I can’t be mad, BOB’s “decisions” probably has set the Texans back at least a good three years. Hopefully Houston can get on track with a few free agents here and there to get back into the mix sooner rather than later.

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