After looking backward Sunday, Matt Patricia says “It’s about going forward”

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After Sunday’s loss to the Saints, Lions head coach Matt Patricia was asked why people should think he’s the right coach to lead the team to success and his answer included a look back at his predecessor Jim Caldwell.

Patricia said “there was a lot of work to do” when he took over from Caldwell following a 9-7 season in 2017 and that is what he is trying to do. The answer didn’t sit right with many people as Patricia has won 10 games in two-plus seasons and former Lions quarterback Dan Orlovsky called it “a bunch of trash” on ESPN Monday.

When Patricia was asked about the comment on Monday, he said that was just “my general outlook on work” and tried to pivot toward the future rather than the past.

“I mean, right now it’s all about this team, it’s about us, it’s about going forward, it’s about what do we do this week, what do we do next week, when we get to Jacksonville, and just how do we get better,” Patricia said, via Dave Birkett of the Detroit Free Press. “I always just feel that there’s a lot of just work to do and I think that’s kind of just my internal drive every day to try to be the best coach, best whatever it is that day. Like, let’s go to work and let’s do a lot and try to be the best at it that we can every single day.”

With a 10-25-1 record as the Lions head coach to this point, it’s not a great surprise that Patricia would rethink looking backward as part of his response to how things have gone this season. Should the coming weeks look like the first four, a fourth season in Detroit might wind up being a surprise.

15 responses to “After looking backward Sunday, Matt Patricia says “It’s about going forward”

  1. Here’s what I don’t get; he was ostensibly hired because of his defensive acumen, yet his team has not exactly been a defense powerhouse since he’s been there. They really should consider a change even after that “win.”

  2. I was looking at the Lions schedule earlier, and its not like it’s murderers row. 8 wins wouldnt be out of the question if they had a coach that was smart with X’s and O’s, a coach that players respect. Unfortunately Patricia is neither of those. Realistically I cant see this team winning more than 4 games. The fans deserve better than Matt.

  3. Time to wipe the slate clean. Fire everybody from the top down. Bob Quin, Matt Patricia, Rod “I don’t really know football” Wood, the guys charging their iPads, the parking lot attendants – everybody. Start over next year.

  4. Time to cut ties with the Bob Quinn and Matty P regime. 3 years of blown leads, coaching blunders and fan disgust.

  5. They went 9-7 in BOTH of Caldwell’s last two seasons so it wasn’t just one fluky good year. They thought Patricia would in the short term have them to 10+ wins and going deep into the playoffs. Instead, he has won 6, 3 and so far 1 game in 3 years.

  6. my guess is Caldwell would not kiss ass and whoever wanted their backside kissed usherd him out the door

  7. steaksandwichandsteaksandwich says:
    October 6, 2020 at 9:33 am

    2. Patriots defense didn’t miss a beat when he left
    Patriots defense has been significantly better since he left.

  8. Detroit is one of those teams where the institutional rot starts at the top of the pyramid. There’s a reason they’re always “one coach away” from the next level. You can’t start over constantly and expect progress.

    Lots of HoF head coaches had rocky starts. You can’t expect first time HCs to correct years of dysfunction. I’m not saying Patricia is a HoF coach, I’m just saying that you can’t judge his performance in a vacuum. The organization has many problems that can’t simply be overcome by replacing the HC or GM, and that can’t be overcome in a season or two.

  9. “Lots of HoF head coaches had rocky starts. You can’t expect first time HCs to correct years of dysfunction.”

    Caldwell had a winning record overall AND they’d went 9-7 the two years before Patricia was hired. They were a winning team when he walked in the door and he instantly took them to the cellar. He wasn’t hired to correct dysfunction–they hired him expecting him to build on Caldwell’s successes.

  10. Every former Belichick assistant seems to have an ego that doesn’t match their skillset….. maybe more teams should look at his former players instead

  11. Can’t wait any longer for Patricia to deliver results. Gets out-coached nearly every Sunday. Been exposed as a fraud. Which, if any, aspect of the team has improved during his tenure?

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