Bill Belichick is wearing two masks, apparently at all times

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On Monday, the NFL read the riot act to the 32 owners, coaches, and General Managers regarding compliance with all COVID-19 protocols. During Monday night’s game in Kansas City, at the post-game press conference, and during a Tuesday morning press conference, Patriots coach Bill Belichick wore at all times not one but two masks.

On Tuesday, a reporter asked whether Belichick was opting for two masks because of quarterback Cam Newton‘s positive COVID-19 diagnosis and in light of Belichick’s membership in a high-risk classification based on his age.

“No,” Belichick said.

So why is he constantly wearing two masks?

“Basically, that’s what we’ve been instructed to do,” Belichick said.

But they haven’t been instructed to wear two masks. Belichick is over complying, either to ensure that he can’t be accused of not complying — or to make a point, in a passive-aggressive way.

Whatever the reason, get used to Belichick and the two-mask look, which is only a stone’s throw from going full Breaking Bad hazmat suit.

22 responses to “Bill Belichick is wearing two masks, apparently at all times

  1. In an interview broadcast on local TV, BB also mentioned that it provides a little extra protection…. so there’s that.

  2. Only in Trump America would someone be called out for protecting themselves from a pandemic and complying with instructions. Is it overkill? Who knows. But it does no harm to wear two. BB is a numbers guy. He understands risk management and risk mitigation.

  3. I think this goes in the category of Belichick also keeping his challenge flag in his sock. Make it harder to slip down or pull off and it will be less likely to happen. He still did pull it down but this will hopefully curb those impulsive moments and make it harder for the league to use you to pick out as punishment.

  4. It’s probably just so that if he pulls down the one mask without thinking in the heat of the moment, the second mask is still on so he’s in compliance

  5. A little bit like wearing two condoms. What’s the point?

    If the mask you have isn’t going to do the job, find a better one.

  6. It does seem like a third option for the extra mask could exist: He’s being extra precautions.

  7. Wow I must have been watching another game and had a coach that looked exactly like belicheat, because he clearly had no mask on.

  8. Hey, he is wearing them! A lot of these coaches wear them half way, take them down to yell at an official 2 feet away and worse. Saying it is “only a stone’s throw from going full Breaking Bad hazmat suit” in the article is a little too sarcastic in these times.

  9. Except when yelling hysterically at the refs…he had no mask on in that moment on Monday night (to be fair, the refs deserved an earful for that horrific in the grasp call).

  10. He looks like he has on an N-95 mask under the cloth mask. The N-95 is the one that is protecting him. The cloth masks are not very useful, but we don’t want to create a shortage of N95 masks for the medical professionals, so they’re telling us our lives are more expendable. Nobody ever said Bill was dummy. He’s probably covering it up so people don’t start accusing him of whatever.

  11. I’ll commend him for that. My wife has been working with covid patients since March and has been wearing two masks and she has never gotten it. It’s just smart if you are going to be in close proximity to anyone who may be positive. Ignore the politics, follow the science.

  12. He wasn’t wearing one when he yelled at the referee on Monday. Where is the punishment from the league for non compliance with the rules?

  13. jason6271 says:
    October 6, 2020 at 8:26 pm
    I’d much Rather the eagles head coach than the patriots head coach


    Good for you. Seems like a team with a future. Bet they have fun. Now run along, kid.

  14. One mask is an N95 to protect himself and the other is a shield to filter exhaled air to protect others.

  15. I think I’d rather just do a mask and a face shield than 2 masks.
    But wherever toots your whistle, Bub.

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