Dan Quinn says Falcons’ 0-4 start is confusing and frustrating

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Falcons head coach Dan Quinn expected to be coaching a playoff contender this season. He’s not.

Quinn said after the Falcons dropped to 0-4 with a loss in Green Bay on Monday night that he has a hard time explaining what is going wrong.

“Knowing where we are at, it’s certainly not the start that any of us envisioned or wanted,” Quinn said, via the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. “It’s confusing. It’s frustrating for everybody, but I also told them that it’s the people inside the locker room that get to fix that, that get to change it.”

Quinn said he spoke with Falcons owner Arthur Blank after the game but they did not discuss his job security. Quinn does believe, however, that he still has a chance to turn the season around and compete for the NFC South title.

“In my heart and in my head and everything that I believe in, I know that we can,” Quinn said. “I know that the second quarter of our season will look a lot different than our first. That’s, in fact, what I told the team. Nothing has been decided yet. We do have our first division game coming up here this weekend and we’re certainly looking forward to that.”

One NFL head coach, Houston’s Bill O’Brien, has already been fired this season. Quinn is running out of time if he doesn’t want to join him on the unemployment line.

40 responses to “Dan Quinn says Falcons’ 0-4 start is confusing and frustrating

  1. He should be thankful he only plays Rodgers and the Packers once. Imagine how nervous Zimmer must feel.

  2. Coach Quinn, do you want to know what is confusing and frustrating? Having at least three players on your kick receiving unit watch an onside kick spin in front of them and hand an impossible victory to the Cowboys. That is CONFUSING & FRUSTRATING!!!

  3. What’s more confusing is that Quinn threw everyone on his coaching staff under the bus last year to keep his job, who is left to blame after starting 0-4 again this year?

  4. Confusing? You need only to look at your defense, which is near last, or last in every statistical category.

  5. I have been and continue to be thrilled with the job this coach has done. Is the term “moribund” too strong? Methinks nay.

  6. If he’s confused now, what till Arthur asks him to come to his office…and to bring his playbook also.

  7. Waiting with bated breath to see who gets fired first, Dan Quinn or Adam Gase

  8. Keep him and watch them beat some bad teams out of the playoffs in the back half of the season to go 5-11 or 6-10. Sometimes players will win for coaches that don’t challenge them and keep things nice and comfortable.

  9. I haven’t watched the Falcons much so I haven’t seen Matt Ryan lately, but does anyone else think he looks incredibly weak-armed? Even his short passes seemed slow and wobbly. I know his arm has never been ‘strong’, but he cannot throw without being completely settled and having a clean pocket.

  10. When you can build a huge lead it speaks to your talent. When you continuously lose them it says a lot about your discipline and coaching. Dan quinn should be fired

  11. I think most of us are shocked that Quinn still has a job. The Falcons have mostly been a dumpster fire since their Super Bowl appearance and now it’s just downright depressing. Ryan is still a good QB and Jones is still an elite WR, so it’s sad to watch them waste so much talent on losing teams.

  12. “The other 4 teams all scored more points than us and we lost. I’m so confused.”

  13. From an outsider. It appears they can score nearly at will. The D seems to be the issue. Stop someone and you likely win many more than you lose.

  14. Next game should be the decider. He either loses to a rebuilding divisional rival, or gets a win against a competitive division rival.

  15. hukdeep says:
    October 6, 2020 at 8:54 am
    I’m confused as to why he was ever given a head coaching job.

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    Probably because of his DC job with the Legion of Boom in Seattle

  16. It’ll never happen during the season. Two reasons. First, Arthur has never fired a coach mid-season, and he’s had PLENTY of dreadful coaches even more deserving of the boot than Quinn. Secondly, at the moment, they’re in the running for the Trevor Lawrence sweepstakes. He’s the big prize for all the awful teams. That guy has instincts like I’ve never seen.

  17. I think Sharpe is right, Quinns time was over after the superbowl choke. You just can’t recover from something like that. They should move on and maybe take one more shot with this group next season and then go to full on rebuild mode.

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