Jon Gruden, among others, to receive “follow up” this week over COVID-19 protocols

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Monday came and went without news that the NFL had issued new penalties and/or admonitions against Raiders coach Jon Gruden for failing to consistently wear a face covering during Week Four action. He’s not in the clear.

Per a league source, roughly three or four teams require “follow up” over COVID-19 protocols. Gruden and the Raiders are one the the teams.

After Week Two, the league moved swiftly to fine five coaches and their teams $100,000 and $250,000, respectively, for failure to wear mask coverings. Specifically, coaches who worked Sunday received their fines on Monday, and the coaches who worked Monday received their fines on Sunday.

The league didn’t address the situation with Gruden and others on Monday because the league remains focused on the outbreak in Tennessee, which continued to generate positive tests nearly a week after the facility was shut down. The league and NFL Players Association have investigated the Titans for breaches of protocol, and there’s a sense that some sort of punishment is coming.

The Titans aren’t alone. Gruden and the Raiders — and others — apparently will be hearing something this week about the failure to properly honor the terms of the rules, the importance of which were underscored this past week.

It’s unclear whether there will be punishment or a warning. Just last week, the NFL issued a memo advising teams that further failure to comply with protocols regarding face coverings could result in suspensions and/or the loss of draft picks. On Monday, the league warned teams that outbreaks arising from protocol violations and disrupting the schedule could trigger the removal of draft picks and/or the forfeiture of games.

14 responses to “Jon Gruden, among others, to receive “follow up” this week over COVID-19 protocols

  1. I’m a Raiders fan. I’m really disgusted with their irresponsibility re: covid protocols

    Mark Davis should have fined his players who were unmasked at the indoor fundraiser himself, and donated the fine money to local Vegas charity like covid mitigation or relief or Waller’s Foundation

    Gruden is a doing a terrible job of leadership on this and Mark Davis and others aren’t doing too much better

  2. Hilarious how Gruden is sticking it back in the Raiders balls deep with no lube. Thanks for the 100 mil Suckers.

  3. If these teams do not start to follow the protocol, the whole season will be cancelled, but we’d be dealing with many athletes and team personnel sick with COVID. When will teams get the message???

  4. It’s a bit confusing. None of the players are wearing masks. Ok. Understandable. But after the game they mingle with the other team with no masks. Tom Brady stands there and received greetings from just about everyone on the other team. They all want to shake his hand. But Gruden is a bad guy because his mask slips down a couple times? Confusing.

  5. It’s not that confusing. It’s a rule and was collectively bargained for by the players association so it’s not optional. Might it be stupid and unnecessary with 50 other guys surrounding him, all not wearing masks? Maybe, but it’s a rule nonetheless. What’s more stupid is not just following the rule after repeatedly being told and already fined.

  6. Close Talker says:
    October 6, 2020 at 7:11 am

    I’ve never known anyone this obsessed with the Raiders.

    He’s not obsessed with the Raiders. He’s obsessed with being the mask police.

  7. I find it humorous that they all, including refs, pull the mask down to talk. That’s when you will spread the virus. You can talk thru a mask, it doesn’t stop sound.

  8. Gruden and other coaches of his ilk are going to thumb their noses at the mask requirements and wear their masks as chin diapers until the NFL stops talking and starts acting.

    Once any team is caused to forfeit a single game because of their coach’s stupidity and intransigence, this nonsense will come to a screeching halt.

  9. “Mask police”. Right. Because it’s too much to expect leaders to set an example? At what point will fools start to take COVID seriously?

    It’s true that to even have an NFL season there need to be many conflicts, paradoxes and contradictions regarding COVID guidelines. No, players from both teams shouldn’t be congregating without masks before or after games. Apparently no one wants to fight that battle.

    But the coaches should be setting an example and Gruden isn’t.

    It wouldn’t take much for the whole league to crumble if COVID starts to run wild. Nothing is perfect or guaranteed, but the guidelines are all we have at this point and to treat them with open mockery or disdain is a bad look for the league.

  10. We get it mike, you don’t like the Raiders organization! But you continue to neglect other organizations for the same conduct. Pretty clear with the patriots last night!

  11. Why does Gruden have to follow protocol when our own president doesn’t? Oh, because one of them is an imbecile, and it’s not the one that coaches a football team!!!!

  12. nhpats2011 says:
    October 6, 2020 at 11:13 am

    Didn’t Gruden already have and recover from Covid19?

    And what’s your point? People can get it a second and a third time and so on again. Immunity won’t happen without medical intervention and may never happen.

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