Patrick Mahomes: I didn’t play very good football, defense stepped up

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The Chiefs are 4-0 for the fourth straight season and the last three of those seasons have come with Patrick Mahomes running the offense.

Mahomes has put up some eye-popping numbers in those games, but that was not the case on Monday night against the Patriots. New England’s defense held the Chiefs without a touchdown in the first half, but the Kansas City defense forced a Brian Hoyer fumble to set up their first trip to the end zone and then Tyrann Mathieu returned a fourth quarter interception for a touchdown that put them up 26-10.

That would be the final score and Mahomes would finish the day 19-of-29 for 236 yards. He avoided an interception thanks to a questionable officiating decision and said after the game that the performance wasn’t up to his standards while noting the effort that the defense made to get them a victory anyway.

“I didn’t play very good football,” Mahomes said, via Nate Taylor of “Our defense stepped up, made a lot of big-time plays. Whenever you’re trying to go throughout a season and win as many football games as possible to set you up for the playoffs, you’re going to have to win games like this.”

Other teams are likely to look at what the Patriots did and try to take some of it for their own attempts to slow down the Chiefs. The Chiefs will have to adjust to that and the combination of Mahomes and their own defense will make it easier to do that while remaining confident about what the future will bring.

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  1. He was polite, so he didn’t mention that terrible QB play by the Patriots really helped, too. But yeah, it did, their defense didn’t play THAT great. It was a COVID 19 win for them.

  2. The Patriots offense did a real disservice to the defense, which was very effective. Can’t believe a 12-year veteran like Hoyer made such boneheaded mistakes. Even Edelman under-performed; he was responsible for that pick six. For the Patriots, a game full of mistakes, lost opportunities and dreadful red zone performance. But definitely a lot for other teams to study on D.

    Credit to the Chiefs for the win, but I had to think that if Cam had been the QB–maybe even Stidham, if he’d been in there all game–the Patriots might well have come away with the win.

  3. Yep, other teams will look at what the pats did in their loss like they looked at what the chargers did in their loss and the Titans going back to last November. You can figure it out on paper and execute it for a while, but Mahomes and Reid are paying attention and making the adjustments they need at halftime. We just finished a stretch with 3 stout defenses and came out with 3 W’s. 3.5 quarters stopping Mahomes isn’t enough.

  4. The baby Flopped like a fish out of water ever time he got near the sideline. such a crap move.

  5. Lol the Pat’s shut them down if the offense would have been just mediocre the Pat’s would have won.

  6. No, you played a team that knows how to defend you guys.

    You also won, because of the refs, Cam not playing, (2) starting OL not playing, the team having to do COVID tests at 6am and wait for results and then fly the same day to play a game.

    When these teams play again, it’ll be the Pats on top.

  7. @unbridledsexy says – You played the Chargers with a rookie QB that knew he was playing hours before the game. You played a BAL team that stinks and can only beat bad teams, and then you played a Pats team missing they QB and 40% of the OL, had to travel the same day as the game and had the refs in your pocket.


    1 year dynasty.

  8. I think the Pats will be fine. If the defense can handle the Chiefs this well, then they can handle any offense in their upcoming games.With Cam adjusting well to our coaching, we’re ready to rumble to the top.

  9. It was a lousy win, which is better than a lousy loss any day. It’s time for NE fans to loosen their grip on the woulda shoulda couldas and myriad excuses, though. Take the L and hope Chiefs play better against the Bills.

  10. He set the bar way to high for himself. Unless he throws for five touch downs he has a bad game. A bad game for him is a great game for anyone else.

  11. Pats fans kill me. This is a taste of your own medicine. We watched Brady cry for flags and get them constantly. You didn’t say anything then. Now it is bs when Mahomes does it. Really? BB’s defense played great! He is an incredible coach and gets more out of less with scheme than any coach, EVER. Luckily, the Chiefs woill not face a BB every week. Do not cry about calls! Not after 2-decades of them going your way.

  12. last time i checked , Chiefs were world champs and Pats got knocked out in the first round by the Titans. they just got beat last night by the world champs 26-10, deal with it Pat fans

  13. So the pats were missing a few guys? Clearly you’re new here, welcome to the NFL.

    Chiefs were without the 2nd best DT in the NFL, a starting CB, their #3 CB and two offensive lineman. Not to mention the should be SB MVP RB Damien Williams.

    But of course we won despite injuries/Covid.

  14. A win was the expected result. Outside of 3-4 really bad calls, it wasn’t an officiating travesty. The game was lost because Hoyer sucked, Edeleman ole’d a ball to a great safety, and the D dropped some picks. Sure, Kelce tripped and bought a call on a rookie DB. Sure, Mahomes got away with what should have been a turnover and two terrible sideline flops (only one called). The Pats ran on them with a banged up OL and crappy QB play.

    The Chiefs are the class of the AFC, but they are beatable. The Pats had a lot go wrong for them and made a game of it. The loss stings, but it isn’t a bad loss. A lot of good in the tape and you can gain confidence even in an L.

  15. Patriots defense played well and at least held up for 3 quarters but their offense let them down. That was just another case of no amount of game planning, however brilliant and wicked, can transcend incompetent quarterbacking. What happened to the Belichick “system” people like to talk about as if one can simply substitute any QB in it and win games? Sorry, it ain’t happening. You still need the right person to pull the trigger.

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