Seahawks hosting Mychal Kendricks as well as Snacks Harrison

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The Seahawks rank 32nd in total defense. They obviously could use some help.

To that end, the Seahawks are having linebacker Mychal Kendricks in town in addition to the previously reported visit of defensive tackle Snacks Harrison, Jeremy Fowler of ESPN reports. Harrison also has visits to the Packers and Bears.

Kendricks spent the past two seasons in Seattle but tore an ACL in Week 17 to end his 2019 season. He has remained a free agent since March, though he came close to signing with the Raiders during training camp.

Kendricks, 30, has received medical clearance from Dr. Dan Cooper, the Cowboys’ team physician.

He is scheduled for sentencing Oct. 14 in Philadelphia on an insider trading charge that he pleaded guilty to in September of 2018. A co-defendant in the case, Damailare Sonoiki, received three years probation in July 2019.

The Seahawks have injuries at linebacker that have necessitated looking outside the building for help.

7 responses to “Seahawks hosting Mychal Kendricks as well as Snacks Harrison

  1. Pick up both and still need some of the other’s to come back from injuries. The defense will be middle of the pack by season’s end or the season ends early in playoffs.

  2. Yes please to both. More reinforcements the better.

    With Irvin out for the season, Brooks dinged up, Barton has shown nothing, better having someone that knows the system.

    Snacks will be a great player to have inside, helps keep Reed and Ford fresh.

    Especially in this car crash of a season with injuries all all over the league on an unprecedented scale, always a good idea to have quality depth.

  3. In Pete & John we trust. This team… with a consistently & historically bad o-line, and more recently negligible pass rush and awful defense does nothing but make the playoffs, year after year. The make moves that anger “average” fans, dismiss cancerous players, gamble on high profile trades, etc., and they are in the playoffs, consistently (’19, ’18, ’16, ’15, ’14, ’13, ’12, ’10). They’re not batting 1.000, but they are right way more than they are wrong.

    Whether either player or both join the team, I’m sure it will be for the better. I’m guessing that we’re not hosting DB’s because there really aren’t any decent ones available, and some of ours will be returning soon.

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