Sean McVay didn’t get into the “he-said, she-said” with Jalen Ramsey

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Giants head coach Joe Judge said on Monday that the Giants will not discipline wide receiver Golden Tate for Sunday’s postgame fight with Rams cornerback Jalen Ramsey and that Tate was defending himself after Ramsey threw the first punch.

The two players have a history of bad blood stemming from the end of Ramsey’s relationship with Tate’s sister. They have two children together and Tate has publicly shared his bad feelings about the way Ramsey handled the end of their time together.

Rams head coach Sean McVay said on Monday that he’s spoken to Ramsey since the fight and said that he can’t allow circumstances that lead to “something bad happening for you or for our football team.”

“I didn’t get into the, ‘He said, she said,'” McVay said, via Gary Klein of the Los Angeles Times. “It was really more along the lines of ‘Let’s be smart. Let’s make sure we don’t let this take away from what we just were able to accomplish as a team.'”

McVay said any team response to Ramsey’s actions would be handled internally and that he hasn’t heard anything from the league regarding discipline.

8 responses to “Sean McVay didn’t get into the “he-said, she-said” with Jalen Ramsey

  1. also known as “we dont play the giants again this year, and most liekly not next year, so forget it and lets go win football games”

  2. Isn’t Tate the one who was sent packing from Seattle for being involved with Russell Wilson’s first wife?

  3. If good morals were a prerequisite for an NFL contract, most of these players wouldn’t have jobs.

  4. Translation:

    “Im not dumb. I realize Jalen Ramsey is a scuzball. But I can’t say that because last time an authority figure tryed to discipline him (Coughlin), Ramsey stopped coming to work with excuses like ‘My dog ate my car keys.'”

  5. There’s not much to say. She said “I’m pregnant.” He said “imma head out.” I can’t say I’m surprised Tate has bad blood with Ramsey

  6. There’s not much to say. She said “I’m pregnant….AGAIN!” He said “imma head out.”

  7. McVay won’t do anything because he fears another mysterious back injury from Ramsey if he does.

  8. “Let’s be smart” to Jalen Ramsey? Somehow, that message is incapable of being heard through those whistling ears…

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