Alex Smith moves up depth chart, will back up Kyle Allen with Dwayne Haskins third

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Not only has the Washington Football Team benched quarterback Dwayne Haskins, but he’s not even second string anymore.

Kyle Allen will start on Sunday against the Rams and Alex Smith will back him up, according to NFL Network.

Dwayne Haskins, the 2019 first-round draft pick who started the first four games of the season, has been demoted to third string.

Smith hasn’t played since suffering a devastating leg injury two years ago, but he’s now in line for a return, if Allen struggles or gets hurt. It’s a great story for Smith, a puzzling story for Haskins, and an indication that everything is wide open in Washington.

19 responses to “Alex Smith moves up depth chart, will back up Kyle Allen with Dwayne Haskins third

  1. Haskins is what happens when the owner plays GM and doesn’t listen to the football people he hired. this is the end result.

  2. If Smith is healthy enough to be activated for game day and the number 2 QB… then they might as well just make him the starter. He’s by far their best option.

  3. Way to groom your young first round draft pick quarterback Washington.
    He just passed for over 300 yards no interceptions 71 percent completion against the Ravens and that got him benched?

  4. I’d like to see Smith get another shot. What does Washington have to lose? Except more games.

  5. My brain is short-circuting because, as a Giants fan, I am finding myself rooting for Alex Smith. Good luck.

  6. I haven’t watched his performance, so i can only go by stats. He’s averaging almost 61% completion, 4tds/3int isn’t great, but not terrible. Averaging over 10 yards per completion.

    Wondering what the coaching staff is seeing/not seeing in his performance

  7. If Haskins couldn’t hit uncovered WRs in stride and still thowing over their heads at his Pro Day…what made Snyder think he could do it in live action with WRs covered by CBs…?

    Like Bob Barker said: “This guy sucks”

  8. Rivera’s first season with Carolina was Cam’s rookie season. So he’s not opposed to starting young guys that don’t know the system. Haskins has just been that bad. He’s immature and was one of the QB’s that really needed to sit for a while but got pushed in right as his HC got fired in his rookie year.

    Feel for the kid, not many could be successful in that situation.

  9. I just hope Trevor Lawrence says no to being drafted by Washington. The NFL should have a lottery for the first 5 picks. Incompetence shouldn’t be rewarded.

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