Dabo Swinney: I haven’t talked to Deshaun Watson, not thinking about Texans job

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Before the Texans drafted Deshaun Watson, his college coach, Clemson’s Dabo Swinney, said Watson’s potential for greatness was akin to Michael Jordan. So would Swinney want to coach Watson again, in the NFL?

That question has been raised this week after the Texans fired Bill O’Brien. But when Swinney was asked about it, he grew exasperated with the reporter and said his only focus is on Saturday’s big Clemson-Miami game.

I have not heard from Deshaun and that is not even anything that I want to even have to think about,” Swinney said, via the Houston Chronicle. “You would be the one to ask that question out of all the questions. You don’t want to ask anything about Miami? Next question.”

Swinney’s connection to the Texans doesn’t end with Watson. Swinney is also reportedly close to Texans executive vice president of football operations Jack Easterby, who is expected to play a major role in the hiring of the Texans’ next head coach.

Whether Swinney could be pried away from Clemson remains to be seen. He makes $9.3 million a year, so the Texans would have to offer him a lot of money, and he might not want to go to the NFL and coach a rebuilding team when his recruiting prowess at Clemson guarantees that he’s going to win a lot more games than he loses at the college level. But whether Swinney wants to talk about it or not, his name will continue to come up in the Texans’ coaching search.

14 responses to “Dabo Swinney: I haven’t talked to Deshaun Watson, not thinking about Texans job

  1. College coaches have it made. Basically a life long job with extra job security if your moderately successful. Dabo would be insane to leave Clemson for ANY NFL job.

  2. Would have to offer higher salary, much higher salary and % ownership of the team. In other words, NO!

  3. Unless the Texans totally broke the bank it’d be a pay cut from what Dabo makes now–for a much tougher job with much less job security. And in college the ability to recruit is a huge part of the job and that skill basically doesn’t help you at all in the NFL because it’s a business where guys are looking to get paid and the salary cap keeps you from just recruiting your way to success.

  4. Brutal proposition to take over a team lacking a 1st and 2nd round pick but conversely hitting the ground running with a franchise QB in place happens very rarely and is a big draw.

    I don’t think Dabo wants to compete with 31 other teams on equal footing when he’s only competing with 4-5 in the NCAA.

  5. I wouldn’t say that college coaches have it made compared to NFL coaches, as the extra aspect of recruiting and getting the kids to maintain grades are two additional duties that burns them out. Seems like after a while that gets to the coaches and they want to try something different.

  6. What NFL job is better than Clemson? There is not Roger, no GM, and no owner. Clemson’s AD and University President are thankful everyday they have a great coach and great person to represent Clemson. Dabo has good place to live with his family and has the budget to hire and fire whatever staff he wants. Beats dealing with a salary cap.

  7. Txraiders says:
    October 7, 2020 at 1:14 pm

    the more pissed off they get at the question, the more it hits close to home?


    No. It means that they’re tired of being asked the same question when they’re giving the same answer over & over.

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