Dolphins sticking with 13K fans despite state OK for full capacity

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The Dolphins have welcomed fans to Hard Rock Stadium since the start of the regular season, but they aren’t in any hurry to expand the number of people coming to games.

A spokesperson for Florida Governor Ron DeSantis told Andy Slater of FoxSports640 that the Dolphins have a green light to open their stadium to full capacity. The Dolphins will be sticking with a 13,000-person limit for their October 25 home game against the Chargers.

Dolphins CEO Tom Garfinkel said the team feels that’s the right number “with positivity rates” where they currently are in the area.

“We’ll continue to follow CDC guidelines and put everyone’s safety first and monitor things as we go,” Garfinkel said, via Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald.

Slater notes that all Florida stadiums are now free of restrictions on a maximum capacity. There’s been no word that the Buccaneers or Jaguars are planning to open up their entire stadiums at this point.

11 responses to “Dolphins sticking with 13K fans despite state OK for full capacity

  1. how dumb is florida? Still not slowing down much, and yet they okay full capacity? It seems to me their are certain governors that are willfully endangering their populace. Further proof the politicians in this country are mostly out for themselves, get the old out and let’s try something new, like maybe some folks with a brain. or the ability to empathize with the plight of others?

  2. Fill it up – I would go. I am a beliver that we are going way over board with this whole covid thing. My opinion – you dont have to share it. But I would love to go to NFL games full capacity.

  3. Good for them , TB and JAX.. if one has concerns DONT GO! bujt let people be free to make their own choice!

  4. Dolphins: “Oh hello Governor…we can fill the stadium if we want?”
    (Dolphins check ticket sales)
    Dolphins: “No Governor, I think we’ll stick with 13,000”

  5. …and this is why the U.S. has 4% of the world’s population…and 25% of its Covid-19 cases…

  6. Considering I am already one of those 13,000 people attending, I am pleased with the protocols in place including the social distancing of the seating. I’m glad the Dolphins are not expanding seating.

  7. Full capacity? Is the governor of Florida that much of an idiot? Wait, I think I can figure out the answer.

  8. Since half of the crowd at Hard Rock Stadium is cheering for the other team, why let more noise into the stadium when the Dolphins offense is on the field? They won’t be able to hear the audibles.

  9. Florida has the countries dumbest governor. And its not a matter of “staying away”, people will spread the virus through out their communities.

  10. Florida is doing things right. Same with Sweden. Shutting things down is a ridiculous overreaction.

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