Joe Flacco to start for Jets this week

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Jets quarterback Sam Darnold returned to last Thursday’s loss to the Broncos after injuring his right shoulder, but he’s not going to play against the Cardinals this week.

Jets head coach Adam Gase said on Wednesday that Joe Flacco will get the start at quarterback when the NFC West comes calling on Sunday.

Darnold said on Monday that he was feeling better after suffering what’s been called an AC joint sprain. He will not practice Wednesday and Gase called him week-to-week moving forward.

Flacco’s last NFL start came for the Broncos in Week Eight of the 2019 season. He missed the rest of the season with a neck injury and dressed for a game for the first time last week. He completed a pair of passes for 16 yards before Darnold returned to the game.

41 responses to “Joe Flacco to start for Jets this week

  1. it will take one competent Flacco start for Jet fans to realize Darnold is overrated at this point in his career, even disregarding the lack of talent around him

  2. Flacco should probably play out the rest of the season. There’s no point in trotting out Darnold every week with that joke of a roster to risk having him get more banged up.

  3. In a related development, the Jets announced that their starter for Week 1 of the 2021 season will be Trevor Lawrence.

  4. The Jets being the Jets. I thought some over priced running back was supposed to carry the load?

  5. I’ve got nothing against Joe, but did you see him in Denver? He looked indecisive and scared. I thought the Broncos had a chance with him. Turns out ‘deer in headlights’ is an ineffective play.

  6. I’m Cyborg (16) from the FUTURE where I’m happy to report to Jets fans that they will get the number one pick, where they will then Trade Sam Darnold for picks/ pieces to then surround their NEW QB.

    But lets be clear in order for the mission to run smoothly you need to keep the current Head Coach until Season ends and start Quarterbacks like your flaccos of the world…But I digress.

  7. The Jets and Giants both wasted high picks on QBs that didn’t pan out. Both have the 2 worst rosters in the league and whoever gets the number 1 pick (it will be either one, let’s be honest) will dump said QB for Lawrence. MetLife is a dumpster fire.

  8. Of course this will be when Flacco starts to ball out again to win 3 or 4 games, killing any chance of Jets getting that #1 pick

  9. Joe Flacco as a Jet is like Babe Ruth as a Boston Brave. A curiosity at the end of a distinguished career.

  10. The Jets head coach Adam Gase put Darnold back into the game after he hurt his shoulder.
    And he put their #1 draft pick (LT Mekhi Becton) in the game even though he was hurt and could only play a few snaps.

    Adam Gase is willing to risk serious injury to his players in a desperate attempt to save his job. The owner needs to step in, since the HC doesn’t report to the GM.

    Terrible ownership = 2020 Jets.

  11. Flacco isn’t as bad as people think. The man beat hte patriots multiple times in clutch situations and also won a superbowl against Kaepernick who is one of the best running QBs the league has ever seen.

    I hope Joe goes out on a win.

  12. Did the Jets overtake the Browns as the new Factory of Sadness?
    No, the Jets have long been known as the Clown Show, even before the days of Rex Ryan.

  13. Jump Ball Joe strikes again! The Jetz might as well bring back Joe NAMATH to play, they have no chance.

  14. You laugh, but Flacco would probably have 3 more SBs, if not for the Pats and the great Tom Brady.

  15. Does Joe know about this?
    He’s just around to collect a pay check, he’s been retired for years.

  16. So first the Jets receivers had balls thrown at their feet. Now they have to go high. Maybe the next QB will be juuuust right.

  17. Flacco is going to take a beating this weekend especially if Becton cannot go. AZ’s defense was missing several starters last week missing both starting safeties in Budda Baker and Jalen Thompson which caused chaos on the backend and up front their #2 pass rusher was out in Devon Kennard. Flacco cannot move and AZ can bring a lot of pressure up front, that’s not a good mix.

  18. If they get creamed again (likely) then I don’t know why you’d keep Gase. Darnold has gotten worse, he’s hurt and the roster is garbage. I don’t think players like Gase and he hasn’t earned the tough-guy approach.

  19. OMG you got Flacco trying to make Perriman look like a receiver, and Frank Gore as a lead running back. Is this 2016 all over again?

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