Patrick Mahomes: Hugging Stephon Gilmore a “mental lapse”

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After news of Patriots cornerback Stephon Gilmore‘s postive COVID-19 test broke on Wednesday morning, a picture of him embracing Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes after Monday night’s game was shared on social media.

Neither Mahomes nor any other Chiefs players have tested positive since Monday, but the picture and Gilmore’s own incubation time before testing positive were reminders that things won’t necessarily stay that way. On Wednesday, Mahomes said that his desire to display good sportsmanship led to him slacking off on the protocols that include a ban on postgame fraternization.

“You just have to trust in the protocols and the process in place. It was a little bit of a mental lapse,” Mahomes said, via Nate Taylor of

Chiefs practice squad quarterback Jordan Ta’amu tested positive last week and Mahomes said on Wednesday that he slept in a different bedroom than his pregnant fiancee after he found out. The news about Gilmore might extend those sleeping arrangements for a while longer.

15 responses to “Patrick Mahomes: Hugging Stephon Gilmore a “mental lapse”

  1. This is a perfect example of the NFL still now following protocol. Patrick should be in quarantine right now and not practicing, but I promise you he is not…

  2. Mental lapse. Could happen to anyone. Guess we should have the Chiefs forfeit their next game now right?

  3. Truly hoping that neither Mahommes nor any Chief come down with it. This game should have been postponed.

  4. Gilmore should never have even been there.

    The Pats made those who had exposure to Cam fly in a different plane than the rest of the team. Why? To minimize the chance of spreading the virus in the Patriots organization. They then allowed them to take the field and potentially infect the Chiefs. In what world does that make sense? The players who flew on that plane with Gilmore should have been at home in self-quarantine.

    How does the NFL expect to have a season if this is the way teams are going to do things? Makes absolutely no sense.

  5. I’m not sure why the players think it’s not necessary to be cautious about catching it, especially with everything that’s at stake. If Mahomes comes up positive the Chiefs are probably going to lose any game he’s not playing. It’s just not worth the risk to be around other players because you can never be sure who’s going to test positive at any given time–Gilmore is proof of that.

  6. If Vegas had the Over/Under for games played before the season called due to pandemic at 9, I’d take the over.. just barely

  7. Let’s not forget that a chiefs player ALSO tested positive for covid…. & he was a QB, so being in the same meeting room with Mahomes could have caused any infection Mahomes may get….. the NFL is to blame for any outbreak between the Pats or Chiefs for Ignoring the incubation protocols & playing the game when there were 2 known cases

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