Report: Bill O’Brien argued with J.J. Watt, Anthony Weaver during final weeks on job

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Now that the Texans have abruptly fired coach/General Manager Bill O’Brien, they need to justify doing so.

Here’s one way to do it: Paint O’Brien as unhinged and suggest that the team was falling apart around him.

To that end, Aaron Wilson of the Houston Chronicle reports that O’Brien “got into an argument with defensive end J.J. Watt and defensive coordinator Anthony Weaver on the practice field” during O’Brien’s final weeks on the job. Wilson adds that O’Brien got into “verbal altercations with other staff members.”

While it may have been a final-straw scenario, it’s neither new nor out of character for O’Brien to be on the feisty side. In late 2016, O’Brien and quarterback Brock Osweiler got into a loud confrontation that reportedly turned physical. In 2018, O’Brien nevertheless got a new contract. In 2020, he got a second title.

O’Brien was who he always is. While some players and coaches may have run out of patience with him, especially at a time when nerves are frayed by the pandemic and other realities of modern life, O’Brien didn’t undergo an organic personality change.

Leaks from the organization highlighting instances of O’Brien being O’Brien, while predictable, fail to make this anything other than what it seems to be: A decision to dump O’Brien the coach after six-plus years on the job based on the performance of the team after only four games with O’Brien serving as the G.M.

If you don’t buy that, ask yourself one question. If Houston had beaten Minnesota on Sunday, would the Texans have fired him?

18 responses to “Report: Bill O’Brien argued with J.J. Watt, Anthony Weaver during final weeks on job

  1. Kind of reminds me of the Chip Kelly fiasco in Philly. Had to much power and was not a great people person. Good riddance!

  2. If I was intentionally trying to sabotage the Texans through awful personnel moves, I couldn’t have done half a good a job as O’Brien.

    Stefon Diggs got a significantly higher return than Deandre Hopkins.

  3. And don’t forget when he was with the Patriots the cameras caught him and Brady getting into an argument on the bench during a game and they had to be separated. Guess BOB has an anger problem huh?

  4. Hopkins was never going to agree with a deal in Texas. Maybe they should have paid him but good luck affording him with all the other big deals.

  5. He and McCarthy both have taken elite QBs and won a bunch of games against also rans and turned that into millions, while they cannot win a game of significance, even when spotted a 24-0 lead.

  6. Here is what people living outside of Houston won’t understand… their is not need to justify his firing. The fan base is a 100 percent behind his firing. The media, even the “official Texans radio”, has turned against him. The players saw through his BS when he ran Brown, Clowney and Hopkins out of town. The McNair’s have become the most popular family in Houston, again.

  7. Until today, I’m guessing the Texans organization had not see the key 3 letter word in the book “How Not to Run an NFL Football Franchise”.

  8. Correction to the above- he should have been fired for even considering the Hopkins trade!

  9. Uh, fighting with JJ Watt the best dude on the team? not a good look.This firinf was a looooong time coming

  10. I saw fireworks in my neighborhood the evening that BoB was fired. Maybe it was someone’s birthday but I like to think it was a way to celebrate BoB’s firing.

  11. If you’re going to be a tool, you better win because when you start losing they get rid of you quickly. Bobby Knight was a good example of that. They tolerated his behavior until they started to not be that good any more and then they no longer tolerated it. Same for BoB. Between his behavior and what he did to the roster it should be a surprise to nobody. Making him GM wasn’t the brightest move in the world. Now they are screwed.

  12. That guy always came across as an intimidating, short tempered bully and I am glad he’s out of a job.
    I am sure the atmosphere is much more enjoyable around Houston.

  13. Now just get Easterby out of there so they can hire a real GM and let him pick his own head coach.

  14. When he was at Penn State, he let it be known it was for a short while to shore things up as he had head coaching aspirations in the NFL. He seemed to do a good job there, let him cool off for a few months and come back to college.

  15. Guy’s not a bad head coach. He’s an awful GM. And he’s had trouble meshing with players, he’s got things to work on but I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s a HC again in 3 years.

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