Report: No “serious consideration” of home-market bubbles

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The NFL’s approach to the pandemic currently goes something like this: It’s inevitable players, coaches, and others will get it; it’s up the teams to keep it from spreading. That approach apparently won’t be changing.

The Washington Post reports that the league currently is giving no serious consideration to the possibility of implement a home-market bubble, which would entail putting all players, coaches, and other essential personnel in a hotel for the balance of the season.

The Post also reports that the league isn’t seriously considering pressing pause on the season, given outbreaks in Tennessee and possible New England.

There’s currently no serious consideration of the NFL pausing the season or going to so-called home market bubbles with mandatory hotel stays for players, coaches and team staffers when they leave team facilities each day, according to a source.

Regardless, there should be serious consideration given to one or both of those options, because the situation has gotten serious. The Bills-Titans game set for Sunday currently is in grave danger, and it can’t be delayed until Monday night because the Bills play the Chiefs on Thursday night. It also can’t be moved to a bye week because the Titans already had a bye.

So, yes, the situation already has gone off the rails. The train simply hasn’t crashed, yet. Maybe when it does, the league will do what needs to be done. Until then, it will continue to play a game of Russian roulette that it arguably has already lost.

14 responses to “Report: No “serious consideration” of home-market bubbles

  1. Gee, forcing a bunch of players to live in Hotels, not to mention isolating themselves from their families?

    Gee, no wonder no one is going for it – especially those with young children

  2. They have got to be the worst leadership in sports history.

    The arrogance, the weird obsession with image, yet outright failure and coruption right in front of the customer, and an inability to not admit a mistake.

    They have the market cornered on all of em.

  3. What about swapping next week’s Thursday game with the following Thursday game so that putting the Bills on Monday would be an option for them? It would also give the Chiefs some time in case they discover some of their players are sick since they just played the Patriots.

  4. Cancel half the games. Spread out the rest every two weeks for testing and recovery, resulting in a 10 game season. Eight playoff teams. The winner will play a maximum of three more games, all spaced out every two weeks. Season ends in February, like always.

    Or, easier and safer, mail the trophy now to Arrowhead Stadium, c/o Clark Hunt.

  5. There aren’t enough consistent negatives on the Titans roster to cobble together a competent team to play for a week? Come on

  6. Move the Bills/ Titians game to monday if no more positive cases and have Bills / Chiefs saterday night instead of thur.

  7. J. Jones will build one for his Boys, solely to show off his money, and will name it D Star Bubble 1. Wait for it.

  8. Good, if an individual wants to isolate then good for them. Each team has a large practice squad to draw from.

  9. As I posted before it started and I will post it again.

    ALL sports should follow the example by the NBA.
    For big stadiums all they have to do is to have the sport played in a select few, including the newest in Vegas and LA and they could schedule games every day or have one after the other Fry-Sun and keep ALL players and personal in nearby hotels etc and not allow one fan in.

    This would not be impossible.

  10. NFL probably needs to add a Week 18 and 19 for rescheduled games… Push playoffs and Super Bowl back two weeks

  11. Should’ve been a 12 game season. Last week of every month is a ‘wild card’ week essentially with no games scheduled, so teams can play make-up games or mix & match opponents scheduled later in the year to play them earlier if they’re healthy and available. No way this gets through 16 games for all 32 teams by the end of the year.

  12. “ALL sports should follow the example by the NBA.”

    You’d be scaling things up to a huge degree which would make logistics much tougher. At their largest point, the NBA and NHL had roughly 200 players in their bubbles because they only used them for the playoffs so about half the teams never were in the bubbles to begin with. And both the NBA and NHL bubbles lasted for about 2 months. Meanwhile, there are 1,700 players on NFL active rosters and they still have 3 months of REGULAR season left with the playoffs still after that.

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