Report: Patriots-Broncos still on as scheduled

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News of Patriots cornerback Stephon Gilmore‘s positive test for COVID-19 on Wednesday came after quarterback Cam Newton and practice squad defensive tackle Bill Murray landed on the reserve/COVID-19 list.

That likely has many thinking about last week’s run of positive tests in Tennessee, which continued with two more on Wednesday and led to last Sunday’s game against the Steelers being rescheduled. The Patriots’ Week Four game against the Chiefs was delayed until Monday after Newton’s test, but no change has been made to this week’s schedule yet.

Mike Klis of KUSA reports that the league told him the game is still on and that they’ll get word out if that should change.

An announcement of another positive test in New England on Thursday could lead to a change in the plan to move forward on Sunday.

12 responses to “Report: Patriots-Broncos still on as scheduled

  1. LOL, right just keep letting a team spread it. Sooner or later the whole league will have it at this rate.

  2. BRILLIANT….. why am I not shocked at the leagues CONTINUOUS lack or safety protocols in regards to the KNOWN virus incubation period that’s needed….. & yet THEY supposedly read the RIOT ACT to all 32 teams owners, coaches players & staff about making sure to follow them or there could be repercussions…. yeah , JUST BRILLIANT !!!

  3. Why does NE have a different set of rules than the other teams? The league office is blatantly treating one team differently than the others.

  4. I’m waiting for a team to refuse to play a team whose players are testing positive for Covid. In the case of Gilmore, and assuming he contracted it from his exposure to Cam Newton, look how many days it was before he tested positive. There is a very real possibility that if they play this week, many more will be exposed to someone that has it but has not yet tested positive. I just don’t think they know enough about it to unequivocally say when someone becomes contagious in the early stages.

  5. It is not impossible that Gilmore actually contracted it from Mahomes who had had it but hadn’t tested positive yet. Just sayin’.

  6. “I’m waiting for a team to refuse to play a team whose players are testing positive for Covid.”

    Surprised it hasn’t happened yet because it did happen early on in the MLB which features a whole lot less contact between teams than football. The part I don’t understand is how the NFL seems to have no hard rules for what constitutes a delay. It seems completely case-by-case. Apparently the Titans episode was over that line but having two starters in rapid succession test positive like what has happened to the Patriots isn’t to that level yet. But we have absolutely zero idea where the line is. Would one more Patriot testing positive bring on a postponement? What if a Bronco player tested positive today? Would that tilt the scale at all or would it be viewed as irrelevant? We have no idea at all what the NFL’s exact policy is or even if they have one.

  7. you close down one team and game on for theirs. You already changed a game for pats and now another case and they play on. What is Godel doing

  8. Maybe the NFL will not trust the science like when they didn’t understand the science in deflategate.

  9. This refusal to shut down and the slow continuous spread is going to seriously threaten the league season. Refusing to put in any failsafes or adjustments to the league schedule is at the level of arrogance and incompetence we’ve come to expect from the NFL.

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