Ron Rivera on Kyle Allen: Better off with guy who knows our system

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When the Washington Football Team acquired quarterback Kyle Allen this offseason, head coach Ron Rivera said he might end up as the starter in Week One because he played for Rivera and offensive coordinator Scott Turner with the Panthers.

Rivera wound up tabbing Dwayne Haskins as the team’s starter, but benched him in favor of Allen on Monday. While speaking to reporters, Rivera cited the same reason he gave in the offseason.

“I just based on the things that have gone on with Dwayne, based on his development and where he is, we’re better off going with guys that know our system,” Rivera said, via Nicki Jhabvala of the Washington Post.

Rivera said that the move is not an “indictment” of Haskins and that the quarterback needs more time in the system. Some would argue that now is the time to get him that experience, but Rivera said he made the decision with an eye on the schedule and a hope of short-term success.

He said “guys want to win” and that he’s seen signs of frustration with the offense on the sideline over the last four weeks. We’ll see if Allen can put an end to that against the Rams this weekend.

34 responses to “Ron Rivera on Kyle Allen: Better off with guy who knows our system

  1. The speed at which people are willing to label Haskins a bust is astonishing. Its his second year in the league with a weak roster and a new coach and he hasn’t been terrible. He might end up being a bust but its far to early to know already. Also, if Alex Smith is healthy then why isn’t he playing. With how weak the NFC east is you never know what can happen…

  2. The Washington Football Team will get better as soon as Snyder leaves the drafting to someone who knows how to draft.

  3. Haskins isn’t a bust but I don’t think the Team’s offensive system is compatible to his strengths. Have you watched Haskins try to throw a screen pass? It’s painful to watch. Most of his yardage is on slant passes or in garbage time. The accuracy down field is not good.

  4. It makes sense why they did it but I still think Haskins is the long-term solution at QB for them. He probably wasn’t ready to play and like the other poster said, it’s not like this roster is loaded. The offensive line is pretty terrible too which doesn’t help. They probably only need to win two more games to win the NFC East so why not make the switch now.

  5. Well hope Rivera likes seeing frustration on the sidelines when Kyle fumbles a ball or throws a pick. If he really wants to win so bad, Smith is a better option, just needs a tackle to protect him

  6. Haskins has looked lost far more often than he has looked good. Give Jay Gruden credit – maybe he knew what he was talking about when he didn’t want Haskins.

  7. Haskins last game was statistically much better, with no interceptions, 71% completion rate, and more yards per pass attempt. The timing seems odd. Is it because as Rivera said that Haskins is not learning ”our system” fast enough?

  8. mrdaz says:
    October 7, 2020 at 3:08 pm
    Trade Haskins for a 2nd rounder -> Tank for Trevor -> New Name in 2021 -> Press Restart
    There is not ONE team in the NFL that would trade a 2nd for Haskins. Or a 3rd. A 4th….. maybe.
    You may want to have a run-in with reality. Just sayin’.

  9. Daniel Jones vs Dwayne Haskins- Both are former 1st rd draft picks, play for talent poor teams & have achieved marginal results so far. Only one QB gets thrashed week in & week out instead of being allowed to grow into his role. So what is the difference between Daniel Jones and Dwayne Haskins?

  10. Kind of a crap move to start Haskins at the beginning of the season and then bench him after 4 games. Guy played one season at school and people are trying to throw him by the wayside. Let him sit for a year, give him another chance next season. You got 4 year contract with him, ride it out.

  11. Daniel Jones is still starting. Dwayne Haskins got benched. 2020, to this day, you do not disappoint

  12. Excited to see kyle allen get another shot. He is young and can be good with good protection.

  13. It’s the new NFL… just ask Josh Rosen.

    Seriously…. that has got to be one of the most damning statements by a head coach I’ve ever heard.

  14. Stop drafting Ohio St QBs then. QBs from the following schools have produced overhyped college QBs who were busts or average in the NFL in the last 30 years or so: Ohio St, USC, Alabama, every single Florida school. Carson Palmer is the lone exception, and even then he wasn’t considered elite, Joe Flacco “elite”.

  15. If Rivera played in any other division in the NFL, Haskins would start because the season would already be over in Washington and you need to see what you have in Haskins. However, at 1-3 in the NFC east, Rivera is 1/2 game out of first and could EASILY win this shoddy division. The only team who has no shot are my Giants.

  16. “Give Jay Gruden credit”……no. The man wanted Daniel Jones and he’s not much better. He also has a complicated offense even Alex Smith struggled

    “Stop drafting Ohio St QBs then. QBs from the following schools have produced overhyped college QBs who were busts or average in the NFL in the last 30 years or so: Ohio St, USC, Alabama, every single Florida school.”
    …..If that’s the case then also cancel Notre Dame, Clemson, South Carolina, Texas, Georgia. Pretty much EVERY school since the averages of success is low. So Lawrence shouldn’t be picked, only ONE guy was successful from there.

  17. Lowest % of accurate passes this season: Courtesy PFF

    30. Dwayne Haskins: 50.4% (benched)
    31. Mitchell Trubisky: 46.2% (benched)
    32. Carson Wentz: 42.8%

    I take it some Jalen Hurts announcement will be incoming SHORTLY.

  18. Yes you say that now but wait until you see Allen play with this offense….you will quickly change your mind and put Alex Snith in!

  19. Very confusing considering how some on this site already had him fitted for his gold jacket….

  20. Riverboat somehow got another head coaching job after years of wasting talent in Carolina. I wouldn’t trust him to evaluate any position. Washington thought they were pulling a power move by hiring him before another team could. That team is trash, bereft of talent and coaching.

  21. Haskins has a ceiling like Alex Smith and a floor like Geno Smith. Allen is just Geno Smith.

  22. Of the four quarterbacks that so-called genius coach Urban Meyer chose to start ahead of Joe Burrow at Ohio State only one is still in the NFL and he just got relegated to third string

  23. Honesty as Football Team fan that lives in Charlotte, Kyle Allen isn’t it. If you they aren’t going let Haskins sink or swim this year and Alex is truly healthy then you go with Alex. I watched Kyle Allen as a Panther and after the league got film on him, he turned into a turnover machine.

  24. The Washington football Team might have chaned their name and hired a new Head Coach but they are still a mismanaged organization. To bench this young QB after his best football game as professional and you bench for a weak are QB with zero upside in the hopes that you have a pipedream that this bad football team has a chance to win the NFC East division title. Washington has wreaked every QB they have selected in the draft.Give Haskins an offense that fits his skill set even if its a one read and throw the football, but as per this organization they want to force round hole into a square peg.

  25. What Rivera says about Haskins is true. And therefore, he never should have been named the starter in the first place.

    A first round “project” draftee based on very little college play (brilliant move, Danny boy); under two different systems in two years; limited training camp; no preseason; the list goes on and on.

    He should have been sitting behind Smith and Allen all along. He’s a project with potential, but he’s not even close to being a starter. Would have been a fine second or third round pick to develop properly without that “first round” expectation hangin on him – but Snyder’s gotta Snyder.

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