Texans owner: DeAndre Hopkins wasn’t going to fit financially

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If the Texans hadn’t traded DeAndre Hopkins, maybe they aren’t 0-4. Maybe Hopkins holds onto the pass Will Fuller couldn’t Sunday.

But the Texans gave away Hopkins on March 21, have started the season 0-4 and fired Bill O’Brien as General Manager and coach Monday.

On Wednesday, Texans owner Cal McNair addressed the firing of O’Brien and the trade of Hopkins to Arizona.

Hopkins had three years and $40 million left on his contract, but none of the money was guaranteed. He had outplayed the extension he signed before the 2017 season.

O’Brien previously said Hopkins’ desire for more money led to his departure.

Hopkins ended up signing a two-year extension with the Cardinals in September worth $54.5 million with $42.75 million guaranteed.

“We would’ve loved to have Hopkins on our team, but when you have a franchise left tackle, which we re-did his contract, which by the way, he’s playing at a top-five level right now,” McNair said on Sports Radio 610 on Wednesday. “The franchise left tackle is a huge piece of the puzzle. We have a franchise quarterback, which is what we’ve been looking for, for years, and what every team is looking for and trying to get. And we have them. And we have a very firm belief that Deshaun is our guy. So we had those two major contracts. As you look across the league, we are paying more than anyone, and it’s not really very close on our roster.

“So when Hopkins wanted to re-do his contract, it just wasn’t something we could do. We did trade him. We moved him. We moved him to a team that had the salary cap room to extend. We moved him to a team that I know the owners. It’s a great ownership. We moved him to a team that has an exciting and fun offense. I think we did a good job placing him in a good place. He’s a talent, talented guy. We would love to have him, but it wasn’t going to fit financially with all the constraints that we have in operating under the salary cap. It just wasn’t possible to do at this time.”

Hopkins responded on Twitter before later deleting it.

“Since I’am [sic] my own agent I guess I can speak on my clients departure. Kyle [sic] you never responded to my client when he thanked you after his departure. My client never asked for a new deal he asked for a bandaid deal which means a little raise. My client is very happy in AZ btw!”

The Chiefs somehow have found a way to pay their core players, including receiver Tyreek Hill.

But if the Texans decided they couldn’t afford to re-sign Hopkins, then they should have gotten more for him. They acquired only running back David Johnson, a 2020 second-round choice (defensive lineman Ross Blacklock) and a 2021 fourth-round choice in return for the receiver and a fourth-rounder.

The Bills acquired Stefon Diggs and a 2020 seventh-round pick from the Vikings in exchange for a 2020 first-round pick, a 2020 fifth-round pick, a 2020 sixth-round pick and a 2021 fourth-round pick.

Diggs has never made the Pro Bowl much less earned All-Pro honors each of the past three seasons like Hopkins has.

The Texans have no General Manager, no head coach, no Hopkins and no hope for 2020. The 1992 Chargers are the only team that has rebounded from an 0-4 start to make the playoffs.

17 responses to “Texans owner: DeAndre Hopkins wasn’t going to fit financially

  1. Hopkins can say whatever he wants but he wanted more money than the Texans were willing to give him so it was probably best to move him. I have no problem with that. It sure did seem like it was a terrible trade though given what they got back. That’s the problem.

    I can’t believe the Cardinals gave him $54.5M more in new money. His cap number will be $27M in 2022. Only time will tell if he was worth all that extra money.

  2. Cal McNair is a clown. I think we’re looking at another Dan Synder/Dean Spanos/Woody Johnson-like owner. If Deshaun Watson doesn’t want to waste his prime, he needs to demand a trade from this dumpster fire of a franchise.

  3. Please start playing Keke Coutee again, he had so much potential early on. So glad Bob is gone

  4. Just watch the tape of all their games the last couple years, and see how many drives were kept alive by Hopkins making catches that nobody else makes, and he does it consistently. A lot of balls thrown at his shoelaces, and he comes up with it. Contested balls that are hard to believe he caught. Just throw it anywhere in his vicinity and he comes up with it. Now those passes are falling to the ground, and they’re punting. I can’t remember a WR making a bigger difference in the Win-Loss column than Hopkins.

  5. Teams that ‘find a way’ to pay all of their top players are like people getting a cash advance on one credit card to make a payment on another. It is a very short term band-aid.
    Next year with a significantly reduced cap will have the cap experts working overtime. And there will be bargains for those with cap room.

  6. The Houston Texans need front office personnel who know what they’re doing. The Chiefs were mentioned in the piece. Naturally as a fan, I was going use our front office as an example. We managed to pay everyone that needed a new contract and renegotiated a few also. The players who agreed to reworked contracts were fine with it( winning does help make that decision). At one point, we had $177 in cap space and managed to sign Patrick Mahomes to a 450M 10 year extension and Chris Jones to a 4 year worth 80M, if my memory is correct. Paying everyone is possible with a smart GM and a good calculator.

  7. Bullcrap, McNair. Duane Brown is being paid $12 million/year by the Seahawks and is still playing at a high level. Tunsil? Hopkins got away because of cap mismanagement. David Johnson is making more per year than Duane Brown. You could have had Brown and Hopkins right now but instead you have Tunsil and Johnson.

  8. Find it hard to believe there weren’t teams out there willing to give at least a 1 and a 2 for a guy like DH.

  9. Sounds like the trade of Hopkins may have been more than a BoB decision.
    Good luck Texans fans.

  10. With the new money factored in, the contract is 5 years for 94 million. That’s less than 19 million a year, and they have a voidable year at the back end, which means the team could get out after 4 years and only pay around 18 million per season.

    A top 5 WR is not worth 18 a year? Julio, Odell, Amari, Keenan Allen, etc. make more. This is nonsense, it’s not about the money with the Texans. They’re trying to save face after this trade blew up in their face by hiding behind the cap, even though Hopkins’ new deal doesn’t even place him in the top 3 of WR salaries.

  11. Here, let me translate what Cal is saying:

    “GM O’Brien told me we couldn’t afford the 1 Billion dollar contract Mr Hopkins was demanding, so we traded him for a sack of magic beans”

  12. Houston can’t get over the 60 year old Bud Adams hang over! Yep, his influene still haunts!

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