NFL investigating Titans for multiple workouts that violated COVID-19 protocols

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The September 30 workout at a local high school may not have been the only time that multiple Titans players got together after a COVID-19 outbreak hit the roster.

Tom Pelissero of NFL Network reports that the NFL and NFL Players Association are now investigating multiple unauthorized workouts in which Titans players got together to practice, in violation of safety guidelines, after the team facility closed because of the outbreak.

The total number of players involved is unclear, but reports indicate that it was a significant number.

At this point it’s unclear how the NFL is going to handle the mess in Tennessee, but the players involved in the workouts could face league discipline, as could the franchise in the form of fines and/or lost draft picks, and coach Mike Vrabel and General Manager Jon Robinson could face league discipline as well.

Two more Titans players were revealed to have tested positive today, and it is unclear whether the Titans will be able to play their regularly scheduled game against the Bills on Sunday.

29 responses to “NFL investigating Titans for multiple workouts that violated COVID-19 protocols

  1. Idiots are putting the whole league at risk. They should be forced to forfeit the entire season.

  2. Forfeit the game unless they can field a COVID free team. The team should consider players forfeiting their game checks. Yeah, you want to work out, but you can’t put the whole season in jeopardy over it. Flex the muscle between your ears.

  3. F the Titans. Could have a full yr but it’s teams like theirs that could spoil the fun (and money) for the other players and fans

  4. A key question in terms of punishments is going to be who exactly planned these workouts. A few guys deciding to workout on their own is one thing but this is beginning to sound like it was most of the team and that would seemingly require coaches or other team officials to have set it up. One question would be if these guys just showed up at this local high school or if somebody actually scheduled the use of the field.

  5. There are NO good answers. There are no FAIR answers. In this season of covid there will be a lot of inequities. Some teams will benefit-some won’t.

    The LEAST disruptive is Tenneesee just keeps forfeiting games.

    Some teams benefit-some don’t. There will be NO FAIRNESS this season to actually get a season.

  6. YouEnjoyMyself says:
    October 8, 2020 at 1:26 pm
    Forfeit the game unless they can field a COVID free team.


    The problem here is that the teams do not truly know who is “Covid Free” on their roster. So unless you are saying “If anyone on the roster has tested positive within the last 5 days the team must forfeit”, what you are proposing won’t work

  7. Shut this hot mess down for the season. Sending toxic players out on the playing field is just insane. The more that comes out the more it is plain to see they just ignored protocols. The term “ruin it for everyone” clearly is applicable to the Tennessee Titans at this time if they are allowed to continue. I’m not worried about the “if I get it I get it” stance. I’m worried about the “if I get it I get and if I spread it I spread it” apathy that goes right along with it and pisses me off.

  8. People who continually flaunt rules, don’t wear masks, or violate protocols like the Titans are the reason why this country has had the worst response in the world and why we can’t get things back to normal. Yet they will be the first to whine that they can’t go out or have games with fans.

  9. Stop with the forfeiting the entire season unless you can point out specific players that knowingly violated protocols. Missing a season, especially in a contract year can make or break someone. They shouldn’t be punished just for being on a team.

  10. The chance of the NFL getting through this season without some COVID issues was pretty slim just due to the nature of the sport and the non-bubble they’re playing in. It sure seems irresponsible for Titans players (and whoever else may have been involved) to flaunt health guidelines. A true lack of common sense.

    I know some will argue that NFL players are in prime health and in a low risk category – but that doesn’t prevent them from spreading the virus to those around them, AND the reality is that there is no 100% safe. The chances of a severe case may be small, but it’s still there.

  11. Titans should be forfeiting their games until they are in the clear. They obviously didn’t take this seriously enough.

  12. Honestly, they should probably just have Tennessee forfeit the rest of the season. It would be the safest approach to preventing this from spreading further. Titans are going to sink the ship 🙁

  13. Not calling them “safety guidelines” might have helped. Violations of guidelines doesn’t sound very serious… perhaps “obligations” would have been more effective.

    “The guidelines are advisory and informational in content. They are not new standards or regulations; they also do not create any new legal obligations or alter existing obligations created by [] standards”

  14. People who are screaming “FORFEIT!!” aren’t thinking it through. Sure, Titans deserves the loss, but should Buffalo/Pittsburgh get the “win”? How is that fair to Miami/NE/NYJ/Cin/Balt/Cleveland if they miss the playoffs?

    And is it fair that Pitts & Buffalo gets two bye weeks in the season? Someone needs to come up with a better plan, other than just “FORFEIT!!”…

  15. I get the “forfeit” this week… it’s a penalty for Tennessee but it’s also an unfair advantage for the Bills. Why should they benefit with a 2nd bye week and an automatic win when Pitt now has to play 13 games straight and MN players were actually exposed to those maroons?

  16. What about the risk to contamination/spread to the Bills and then screwing up their season with key people out. Also if the Bills get contaminated they might spread to the Chiefs before symptoms are detected but they are contagious. This is too high a risk for the league. Do we want to see games with out Allen/Mahomes and others?

  17. The Titans have approached the covid scare head on. Once the entire team has had it there will be nothing syanding in their way of winning a super bowl against covid sickened teams. Vrabel is a genius

  18. Strip thier draft. Make them forfeit the season. And terminate the contacts of the entire team. I’m not a fan of the Saints or Peyton, but look what they did to them for bountygate. They jeopardized the health of the entire League with thier blatant disregard of the guidelines. N my opinion the more severe the punishment, the better. The player knew they were in the wrong. The Coaches knew hey were doing it. And it thier owner didn’t know, he’s too stupid to be a NFL owner anyway

  19. They should force the Adam’s family to sell… their lack of institutional control has put several billion dollars at risk

  20. At this point, with the team viola timing protocols, instead of punishing other teams by delaying hacked, the Titans need to forfeit.

  21. akira1971 says:
    October 8, 2020 at 3:08 pm
    People who are screaming “FORFEIT!!” aren’t thinking it through. Sure, Titans deserves the loss, but should Buffalo/Pittsburgh get the “win”? How is that fair to Miami/NE/NYJ/Cin/Balt/Cleveland if they miss the playoffs?

    One should assume that the bills and steelers should easily beat a team scrapped together that hasn’t practiced in weeks. Also, why should the bills and steelers be subjected to playing a team that has had more positive covid tests than the rest of the league combined?

  22. If teams are not following COVID rules, don’t bother rescheduling their games. Forfeit em. Plain and simple. Also, draft position should be adjusted so forfeited games don’t advance their draft position.

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