Rams DC: Kyle Allen starting for Washington won’t change much for us

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The Washington Football Team announced a quarterback change on Wednesday that will result in Kyle Allen starting against the Rams rather than Dwayne Haskins.

The change came with the Rams already into their preparations for the week, but it isn’t a curveball that defensive coordinator Brandon Staley believes will cause his unit a great deal of trouble. Staley said that the team will meld what they know of Washington’s offense with what Allen did while playing for Washington head coach Ron Rivera and offensive coordinator Scott Turner in Carolina.

“Not a lot is going to change,” Staley said, via Eric Williams of SI.com. “They still have an offense that you have to defend certainly stylistically. He’s a different player than Dwayne, so you have to go back in inventory to his career in Carolina. And there will be elements that are different stylistically between the two players. But from an offensive standpoint, you still have to defend the other 10 guys, and we kind of have an inventory of 12 games from Carolina to see how he was featured in that offense, and then we’ll move forward from there.”

Rivera cited Allen’s familiarity with the offensive system and the weakness of the NFC East as reasons to make the move at this point. The Rams have benefitted from that weakness by beating the Cowboys, Eagles and Giants, so they’re going for a sweep this Sunday.

5 responses to “Rams DC: Kyle Allen starting for Washington won’t change much for us

  1. Well it should. Once quarterback can’t play the position. The one starting Sunday has some functioning fundementals.

  2. Benching your young QB at this stage seems very short sighted. It seemed like he was improving and even in the terrible NFC East, it is not going to make a difference.

    Then again, I enjoy QB controversies in Washington. It seems to be a tradition. RGIII, Cousins, and now Haskins.

  3. Alex is now QB # 2, he will be playing by mid season if Allen can’t do the job, should be fine by then, I do think Allen got a shot, I’m not sure Carolina told his entire story but we will see.

  4. Haskins has minimum starts (College and Pro), learning a new office with no OTA’s or Pre-season and minimal training camp to get acclimated to the offense. He is not seeing wide open guys and standing in the pocket like a statue instead of trying to buy more time like he did at the end of last year. That is the issue. Too many 3 and outs with guys open. Even though Kyle only has something like 13 stats, at least he has been in the offense for 3 years and knows the reads better. At this point, Haskins is making screen passes an adventure.

  5. You’d think Washington wouldn’t even announce the change so at least they’d have the element of surprise for a week. Weird

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