Titans-Bills moves to Tuesday, Bills-Chiefs moved from Thursday to Sunday

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The NFL is continuing to juggle its schedule in response to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

The Titans-Bills game that had been scheduled for Sunday will now be played on Tuesday night, according to Adam Schefter of ESPN. That assumes the Titans can safely play and have no more positive tests, which given the outbreak on the Titans’ roster is not a safe assumption.

Unfortunately, the Bills had been scheduled to play the Chiefs on Thursday Night Football a week from tonight. They can’t play on just 48 hours’ rest, so that game will now move to the following Sunday.

Ordinarily the NFL might have been eager to move Thursday Night Football because it was scheduled to go head-to-head with a presidential debate and surely would have had poor ratings. But President Trump said today that he would not participate in that debate because it was going to be conducted virtually, so it appears next Thursday night will have neither football nor a debate, when as of this morning it was scheduled to have both.

Indeed, every schedule is tentative at this point. But for now, this is what the NFL is hoping to do.

36 responses to “Titans-Bills moves to Tuesday, Bills-Chiefs moved from Thursday to Sunday

  1. Buffalo will be at a huge disadvantage against the Chiefs, and that could affect the playoff seeding. I just hope this stuff gets fixed before the playoffs. I’d hate to see one team have to play on 4 days rest, when the other team gets 7 days off.

  2. Geez. I’d rather just forfeit at this point. One, we deserve it. Two, we are gonna get hammered anyway since we are missing like 10 starters. Our WR1 is gonna be like Khalif Raymond. D line is ravaged. Secondary, I guess we have Butler? He sucks anyway. Not all bad though, I have Josh Allen in fantasy.

  3. And just like that, what would have most likely been the best TNF game of the season, gone. Fantastic

  4. The game of a home team, that isn’t having fans attend games, will be moved into that Thursday schedule opening if Chiefs v Bills is moved. The league will not give up their TV slot.

  5. Nfl rip the bandaid off already Tennessee screwed up instead of messing with 4 other teams schedules. It’s simple forfeit week 4 n 5 week 6 bye Texans is week 7. You still keep KC and Bills next Thursday. Instead you got a team playing 2 games in 5 days. Player safety isn’t important

  6. How is this even fair?

    Should have kept it Sunday, and I dont give a crap if the waterboy had to play LT, so be it. The Titans screwed up and the Bills have to pay the price?

    It was a long shot anyways, but now we’re giving KC even more time, and putting the Bills at a HUGE disadvantage. Unbelievable.

  7. So the Titans have now directly caused the rescheduling of three games.

    I’m not a Titans fan, but they are fun to watch. Vrabel is a great players’ coach, the line is full of angry men, Derrick Henry is a monster. But I’m beginning to think they need to be stripped of some significant draft capital.

  8. So the Chiefs get out of playing a short rest Thursday game that every team dreads? Lucky for them. Bills not so much.

  9. Move Bucs Packers to Thursday night. Packers coming off a bye and Bucs still get a full week. It’s the fairest option for a Thursday night game.

  10. You Bills fans weren’t complaining when it was thought to be and can still happen that the Chiefs would have had 3 games in 10 days.

  11. Until they moved the Chiefs/Bill’s game KC was going to have to play 3 games in 11 days, didn’t hear anyone griping about that.

  12. jam11163 says:
    October 8, 2020 at 7:22 pm
    So because of the Titans, the bill have to pay the price? This is crazy.

    What price is that exactly? Playing the most depleted NFL team in history?

  13. Harry Warden says:
    October 8, 2020 at 8:19 pm

    Shut it down, Roger”

    No, just shut down the Titans.

  14. Who are they trying to kid? Forfeit the game already. They’re playing with people’s lives

  15. Titans should forfeit the next two games and all personnel should have to quarantine for 14 days before returning to the team facility.

  16. So if there are is yet another positive test on the Titans;Is Thursday Primetime with the Chiefs back on??

  17. savethebs says:
    October 8, 2020 at 8:57 pm
    jam11163 says:
    October 8, 2020 at 7:22 pm
    So because of the Titans, the bill have to pay the price? This is crazy.

    What price is that exactly? Playing the most depleted NFL team in history?


    The price of having to play an embarrassment of a game versus the Titans before playing the Chiefs on four days rest. In what should have been a marquee prime time game with AFC sovereignty in the balance. And now… not

  18. Wow. Bills fans doing what they do best, gripe

    Whatever happened to “circling the wagons”?

  19. Nobody complained about the 3 games in 11 days because that is the same for all teams that play on Thursday night the only differences being are KC played the previous Monday night and is the road team. Buffalo got the short end of the stick here but life ain’t fair. Let’s go boys, get the tables

  20. Bills already making excuses.. sounds about right. Must be something in the AFC East water? Seems to effect all the teams in that division.

  21. No excuses we’ll be ready. It is a disadvantage but it is what it is. You were complaining about the 3 games in 11 days setting up your excuse in case you lose. It woulda been an epic Thursday game – but personally I think Tuesday then Sunday is less disruptive than Sunday – Thursday. Let just take care of Titans first. This can easily be a trap game for the Bills. Heck the chiefs struggled with Hoyer/ Stidham until they unraveled late.

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