Tua Tagovailoa asking the right questions

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The Dolphins don’t think rookie quarterback Tua Tagovailoa is ready to take over the starting job just yet.

But the guy keeping him on the bench said he’s been impressed by the effort the first-rounder is putting into learning.

Via Cameron Wolfe of ESPN.com, Dolphins quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick said he spends more time talking to the rookie quarterback during games than he would in a normal setting, but he also understands that’s a large part of his job.

“I probably talk more on the bench than I normally would in-between series,” Fitzpatrick said. “I want him to kind of understand what I’m seeing and to be able to ask questions even if it is in a game-like setting. . . . It seemed like he saw the game pretty decent from the sidelines in terms of the stuff that we were talking about and the questions he was asking. It was good. It was a good start just to build on that communication now, just being another set of eyes for me to be able to trust.”

When Fitzpatrick is on the field, Tagovailoa is stationed behind offensive coordinator Chan Gailey, listening to the plays being called in his helmet, getting those “mental reps” that apprentices have to make do with. Gailey and Fitzpatrick have known each other for years, but the veteran play-caller said he thinks that whenever the rookie plays, he’ll be prepared.

“He’s one play away from having to play. I feel like he’ll go in and play well,” Gailey said. “He hadn’t been in a game at all so it’ll be a new experience for him. He’ll have to go in there with eyes wide open; but I think knowing the person that he is and knowing the type of preparation that he puts in, I think he’s going to be ready when his time is called.”

A large part of that preparation is Fitzpatrick being willing to mentor, a role he’s taken on comfortably.

9 responses to “Tua Tagovailoa asking the right questions

  1. Andy Dalton in his first three seasons at TCU totaled more passing yards
    than Tua Tagovailoa playing with a loaded team of the most coveted All-American signings.

    Andy Dalton = 7457 passing yards

    Tagovailoa = 7442 passing yards

    Watching Tua never impressed me.
    Many of his weapons impressed me.

  2. We can all spout off meaningless stats and choose to bash the guy or build him up. None of it matters until he takes the field in the NFL and plays. Then over time we’ll know what he’s all about. Crazy thing about athletes, they often improve as they work hard at the next level.

  3. I think they should develop a few offensive sets to get Tua some reps, even if they are “trick plays”. That being said, Tua should see the feild in week 7 or 8. If the coaches were really afraid of his injury they wouldn’t list him as the backup. Smoke and Mirrors.

  4. I love Fitz. He always has a great attitude about helping those around him, but at the same time he’s never given up on being a starter.

    Whether the Dolphins can ultimately find a franchise QB in Tua remains to be seen, but they’re (surprisingly) handling the start of his nascent career in the correct manner.

  5. Every broadcast of the Dolphins’ games so far has shown Chan Gailey in the box. In fact, the announcers even joked one game about him hiding behind the glass. Tua is always shown on the bench. So how is “Tagovailoa … stationed behind offensive coordinator Chan Gailey”?

  6. Also since you want to put up those stats, here’s another one. Andy Dalton had 14 more passing yds than Tua his first 3 yrs but what you conveniently left out was he had 1,001 passing attempts while Tua had 684 passing attempts! So Andy Dalton had 317 MORE passing attempts than Tua yet only managed to get 14 more passing yds?? LOL

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