Vance McDonald wants NFL to set foundation “that establishes fair play” amid COVID-19

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Tight end Vance McDonald was one of the Steelers players who had their plans for Week Four upended when the NFL rescheduled their game against the Titans as a result of an outbreak of positive COVID-19 tests in Tennessee.

That outbreak has sparked an investigation by the league into whether the Titans have broken the protocols put in place to deal with the pandemic and McDonald said on Thursday that he felt “angry” last weekend about what happened. He said he’s moved on to understanding that everyone has to be adaptable, but called on the league to take action when and if they find out that a team has not been doing what’s required of them.

“It’s all about that fair playing field,” McDonald said, via Brooke Pryor of “Until that is established and figured out, I feel like we’re moving through this with blinders on. Obviously we’re going to have to do that to some degree throughout this whole journey, but that doesn’t mean that we say, ‘All right, whatever happens, happens.’ There’s got to be some sort of foundation that we can come back to as a league that establishes fair play. When one team, like as you mentioned with the Titans, and again, I’m not saying we know all the details or whatever, but if one team’s blunder is another team’s just misfortune, like how Ben [Roethlisberger] mentioned, felt like we got the short end of the stick, yeah, I feel the same way.”

The Steelers were directly impacted by the Titans outbreak last weekend, but the entire league will be watching to see how the league responds after their dive into what might have contributed to the spread of the virus over the last 10 days.

7 responses to “Vance McDonald wants NFL to set foundation “that establishes fair play” amid COVID-19

  1. We have had flu hit rosters before and did not cancel games or seasons. How many of these athletes are in the hospital on respirators or are dying? Just move the NFL season to the spring when fewer people get sick.

  2. Not sure what he’s trying to say . He want’s a foundation that establishes fair play . Then he admits the full story has yet to be told on what happened with the Titans . Then he says they have to be adaptable . Then he says the Steelers got the short end of the stick . Sounds to me he’s a typical whiny self absorbed athlete that doesn’t get that there’s a lot of more important issues going on then the Steelers getting some short end of the stick . Once the facts are known the NFL can take whatever action that’s needed to hopefully prevent it from happening again but nothing is a guarantee . Hoping this is a wakeup call for everybody in the NFL and if it is and there are no more cancelled games then the Steelers don’t need to be whining about it .

  3. Not really about fair play this year. More about just playing. Getting as many fans to games that will allow so and getting life back to normal. Im just glad ball is on. Life isnt fair…i learned that lesson as a kid.

  4. Had the Titans followed all the rules/protocols put in place, and this same thing happened, it would be different in terms of how it will be dealt with. However, it has been revealed that they were not enforcing any of the rules, and then the team/players doubled down on dumb and held practices. So, IMO, they deserve whatever punishment is meted out by the league. Forfeiting games should not be on the table as it benefits the teams getting the “free” wins.

  5. Big fines and loss of draft picks. Maybe the draft picks should be awarded to the teams who are negatively affected by this bad behavior: Steelers, Buffalo.
    And the fines should apply to the players as well.

  6. The short end of the stick is what other teams may get as well. Adversity is a very large part of the NFL season whether it’s injury, schedule or media. As a Steelers fan I say suck it up and drive on.

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